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telbasta7386 09-21-2013 09:41 AM

Economy Inflation
I've recently come back to the game after spending a while playing some other MMO's. The last time I played was around the time legacy of romulus launched, but I never actually tried out the romulans until this past week. I was a subscriber for about 5 months before the game went free to play, and had played for quite some time after that.

After recently returning and working on my romulan character, I've noticed a huge inflation in exchange pricing since I last played. Simple items that used to be regularly priced at around 10-30k are now in the hundreds of thousands. Even white/common quality items are being priced in that range. The most severe increases seem to be with duty officers and starship equipment - after reaching commander rank and getting a new ship, I had to go buy white quality gear from the ship equipment vendor because I wasnt able to afford anything on the exchange.

When I played STO in the past, the economy was always fairly stable, prices didnt fluxuate this much. The only drastic change I saw in the past was a severe drop in the selling price for data samples and particle traces. Luckily at the time I had sold off all of mine and made a pretty penny before the price crash - unfortunately it all went to gear for other characters and I have none of that money left now.

Anyways, finding it very difficult to gear up this new character with how inflated the economy has become - and I really pity the new players to the game who dont have any credits saved up from past characters.

bones1970 09-21-2013 09:55 AM

And what is wrong with the common gear you can buy at the ship-yard/shuttle-bay for a couple k ec ?
Don't wast ec when you level up, sale all good items on the exchange and buy the time your VA you have a couple mil ec.

mimey2 09-21-2013 10:34 AM

An inflated economy isn't the only issue here. It's the fact that you level up so quickly. Thus any markets for lower level gear is going to be much smaller, hence the higher prices.

Yes, I do agree that the market is probably way more expensive than it should be compared to the past.

torsten1009 09-21-2013 10:38 AM

Ok, it's quite simple: When Legacy of Romulus launched, a few thousand characters were created and still some are created every single day. All those characters need gear and there are not enough drops that are sold on the exchange.

In addition to that, there were "Lockbox-Weapons" (first the Nanite-Disruptors in the Tal-Shiar Lockbox, then the Elachi Weapons - also Disruptor - in the Elachi Lockbox). That way especially consoles for Disruptor-Weapons got expensive.

The third reason might be the Starbases, most people are still building up their Fleetholdings, the Starbase is unfinished, the Embassy somewhere near T2 and now they need to build their Dilithium-Mine to get a little discount to the other projects.
Not everybody has got a Tuffli-Freighter or Cellship to get discounted Commodities and so on.
Doffs are an exception to this, you can't buy them for ECs at Vendors and the requirements for the Fleetholdings are becomming insane. How are 25 people supposed to get 1,000 white quality Doffs? There are just the Exchange and Fleetstores.

You may be correct with the inflation, but when you look at a shorter time, it's the other way around: Warpcores were added, I was one of the first people who were able to sell a purple Mk XI Singularity-Core (at that time 20 million ECs on the Exchange), look at those prices today. Nobody is interested in those anymore, because there are advanced/Elite Singularity-/Warp-Cores on almost every Dilithium Mine.

Talking about the Dilithium-Mine, you could get another idea: The upgrade-projects don't reward enough Fleetcredits to buy all the Dilithium Mine Provisions you need for those Projects. You've got to do additional Projects to get a few Fleetcredits.

senatorvreenak 09-21-2013 10:41 AM

Pre-F2P is an invalid comparison, since the EC economy was virtually non-existant then.

Lockboxes, Doffs, fleet starbases, reputation, fleet ship modules and what not has actually given Energy Credits value, as there are now desirable items to buy.

cgta1967 09-21-2013 10:45 AM


Originally Posted by bones1970 (Post 12502221)
...Don't waste ec when you level up,....

yup, the mission reward gear and vendor items are 'more' than adequate for are going to out-grow any items very quickly anyway....why waste your money? save it for end game gear.


szerontzur 09-21-2013 10:46 AM

It is a bit concerning and I hope the fabled crafting revamp will come soon to help breathe life back into the economy for newer players/characters.

sonnikku 09-21-2013 10:53 AM

Hell I've noticed the exchange getting super inflated in just the past month. Fleet Ship modules that were once 5 million are now 7 million. Risa flowers that were 1 mil are now 3. Duty officers of just about every kind are price gouged across the board vs a few weeks ago. I thought nerfing tour the universe was supposed to deflate this thing? Not even dil to zen is sacred. 109 dil per zen a month ago, 127 dil per zen today.

panserbjorne39 09-21-2013 11:25 AM

I'm not claiming conspiracy, because I don't think there is one at all. However the fact is that are a large group of "merchant" players who's sole purpose in the game is to corner the market on every desired item they can and raise the prices to gouge-my-butt levels.
The prices on the exchange are insane right now compared to when I started just a few months ago.
I think our only option is to just not buy the stuff until the prices come back down to reasonable levels.

aelfwin1 09-21-2013 11:53 AM


Originally Posted by szerontzur (Post 12502901)
It is a bit concerning and I hope the fabled crafting revamp will come soon to help breathe life back into the economy for newer players/characters.

I think I see a unicorn ... , oh and that crafting revamp too ! ;)


Originally Posted by sonnikku (Post 12503041)
I thought nerfing tour the universe was supposed to deflate this thing?

Make that TWO unicorns !
Oh and Galor's are more expensive then ever ... , so are Borg Med Kit's and so on and so on ... .

My take : ppl are loosing their "regular income" so they are jacking up the prices to compensate .
This will not end well .

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