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thissler 09-24-2013 01:22 PM

Haakona Advanced Warbird

Lets say you don't have access to all the bestest weps and doffs or that you just want to tool around and kill stuff in a reasonable manner, get optionals, and basically not torpedo your teams fun.

This is a starter build. A how things work build. If you aren't sure if you could gain anything from this video count the number of armor consoles on your ship.

If you need more than ONE finger, this video has your name all over it.:eek:


rmy1081 09-24-2013 09:44 PM

Nice vid, although those damage control doffs aren't too cheap.

I love my Haakona. I keep going between it and the T'varo. I just wish they gave it a universal ensign like the Odyssey and the Bortasqu.

The only time I use the guardian mode is if I feel I need more shield power like in CEE or if I happen to be the only one without -Th consoles. (seriously i have no idea why an eng in a cruiser would use -Th consoles, but they often do, leaving me to get agro for sneezing lol). Other than that I also stay in assault mode.

Also I find the caustic plasma weapons nice to use before getting any rep/fleet weapons. They're [acc]x2 which is nice when chasing down spheres ,lol, and they're free. You just have to not mind repeating The Last Stand quite a few times.

Cant wait to see you're next vid..they're always full of great info.

syndonai 09-24-2013 11:47 PM

The haakona was my choice of ship (before the scimitar arrived), and i loved it. Used a cannon build on it and it performed well.

I do love the mirror ha'pax material on it though. The haakona model itself doesn't seem to be that popular sadly as i rarely see one. Guess it makes it all the more pleasant when i do see one.

warmaker001b 09-28-2013 10:05 PM

The Ha'akona and Fleet Ha'apax are a wonderfully flexible ship for Engineers. The Universal LtCdr BOFF station lets you configure this ship to a pretty wide group of builds. For me, the 2 most immediate formats are using the Universal as TAC or ENG.

With the TAC route, you can have LtCdr, Lt, and Ens TAC stations, while having a very hefty Cmdr ENG station to back that firepower up. Put the ship into Assault mode, and you're flying an Escort with a helper.

With the ENG route, you have the typical ENG heavy Cruiser format with full survival benefits and Assault Cruiser-like TAC BOFF stations.

For me, I went with TAC and flew this thing in Assault Mode all the time with my ROM ENG

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