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reginamala78 09-24-2013 05:17 PM

D'deridex Build Critique
Trying to squeeze more out of my eng-captained D'deridex, still keeping some versatility but boosting the offense enough to be respectable. Right now it only parses around 6k in ISE, and given all the insults thrown around here, clearly thats insufficient. (Plus its just really annoying when I end up teamed with some Tac Scimitar or Tac-FAW Regent and everything is dead, the mission is over in under 3 minutes and my contributions have been so pointless I may as well have leeched.)

RRW Kiva Andru

Unlisted are BOFFs which are 4 Romulan Operatives and 1 Reman Infiltrator, and DOFFs of 3 Technicians and a Gravimetric Sci.

And before people point out the obvious stuff like DEM+Marion or the Tachyokinetic console, I know of them, I'm just not spending that kind of real money on my imaginary starship. Maybe 10-15m at most. Similarly, I know I could go with Romulan or Fleet plasma beams, but is it really worth dropping 200k dil making the switch when I've already got Mk12 [acc]x2 [crth] disruptors?

So other than spending far too much money, what else can I do to make my DD more respectable?

warmaker001b 09-24-2013 10:13 PM

First thing's first, is you have to prioritize what you want this boat to be able to do. The D'Deridex lets you do quite a bit simultaneously, but you will need to prioritize due to Console slots.

I see you have intentions of FAW, A2B, and Grav Well I, high survivability (EPTS3), as well as team support (ES3). Even for the flexible D'Deridex, that is alot to do, IMO, and you need to whittle down some of those characteristics, and assign space equipment and consoles as appropriate. You will be spreading yourself thin in capabilities that have strength to them. If you disregard everything I say from here on out, please remember this last point.

I'm also under the assumption that this is for PVE only, because if you intend to do PVP, it drastically changes things in this ship in particular. With that said...

By your design, you want a Beam Boat. By your comments, you want to make this hurt. What *I* would do with that in mind is the following: Reinforce survivability, but a higher emphasis on firepower, removing Gravity Well for reinforcing the previous 2 points.

1. The D'Deridex is one of those ships that I do not suggest running A2B on, even if Single A2B build. Because it has a nice LtCdr SCI BOFF slot, it is waste to drain Aux Power which so much of SCI abilities rely on. I know you probably spent good coin on blue or purple quality Technician DOFFs, but A2B on a D'D isn't good, but again, this is my opinion.

2. Weapons, Deflector, Engine, Shield choices, I can understand. You want a Double-D Beamboat. Disruptors for the pushing, Full 3 Borg Set for the shield & hull regen procs (I suggest Mk XII when you get that chance).

3. Ditch Singularity Stabilizer and move in an Emitter Array - This improves your shield heals.

4. Ditch Field Generator and move Shield Absorptive Frequency Generator in its place, then throw in a SIF Generator (to improve hull repair) or an RCS Accelerator to improve turns more if you feel like it, esp. since you are not running the 2 D'Deridex Consoles.

5. BOFF Station changes.
TAC LtCdr: Beam Fire At Will 1, Torpedo Spread 2, Attack Pattern Beta 3
TAC Lt: Beam Fire At Will 1
Universal Ens > ENG: Engineering Team 1
ENG Cmdr: For Offensive + Survivability: Emergency Power to Shields 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1, Emergency Power to Weapons 3, Aux2 Structural Integrity Field 3
SCI LtCdr: Polarize Hull 1, Hazard Emitters 2, Transfer Shield Strength 3

Damage Control Engineers x3: Chances for Emergency Power cooldown reduction
Warp Core Engineer x1: Chance to improve Ship Subsystem Power when using Emergency Power abilities
Maintenance Engineer x1: Recharge time reduced for Engineering Team and Buff

DEVICES: Shield Battery, Weapons Battery, Subspace Field Modulator, Red Matter Capacitor

The intent is to use Emergency Power to Weapons 3 as much as possible, with Emergency Power to Shields 1 to top off shields when you need to. Emergency Power to Weapons 3 + BFAW + Attack Pattern Beta 3 will help in dishing out some damage. Between the 2 copies of BFAW, you will be shooting all over the place most of the time. It will also help your damage output to be as close as possible to your targets, but when dealing with Cubes & Gateways, be aware that 5km and below is their dreaded Tractor Beam range... however, Polarize Hull 1 will help to free you. Attack Pattern Beta 3 will land a monstrous resist debuff on anything you hit, and you and your team will benefit. APB3 also has a much, much shorter cooldown than Attack Pattern Omega.

For survivability, you will still have a rather good set of options: Emergency Power to Shields 1 to pop every now and then. Reverse Shield Polarity 1 for shield failures and your EPTS1 isn't ready or when the Borg Set procs have not kicked in to save your behind. ASIF3 + HE2 + Engineering Tm 1 are your hull repair abilities, and HE2, ET1 can be used on a friend. Transfer Shield Strength 3 is another nice shield boost / repair ability to use on yourself or an ally. All of this, makes your "offensive oriented" D'Deridex rather sturdy.

Again, the emphasis is using EPTW3 + APB3 for your attacks with BFAW spam.

Another suggestion is to cloak in and out to take advantage of the massive Romulan Battle Cloak bonus damage, which the timer is increased due to your Reman Infiltrator. The repeated and timely usage of Romulan Battle Cloaks in PVE is oftenly underused from what I've noticed, and this specific cloak is an another advantage the Feds & KDF have no possible way to emulate. Make use of it!

Your D'Deridex, buffed up with APB3 + EPTW3 + BFAW1 + TS2, coming out of cloaks will hit pretty hard, esp. if you locate it at the right position and distances. When the cloak is ready, recloak, repeat the process.

oridjerraa 09-26-2013 10:14 AM

I am pulling high 9's infected elite with my Engineer/ D'D. 8 fleet anti proton beam arrays, backed up by 1 bfaw2, beta 2, and eptw3. I could muster a lot more but my priority is still tanking/threat control and survival. The single biggest bump to your damage will come from your romulan bridge officers. Get 5 superior operatives + subterfuge if possible. Anti Proton's extra crit severity shines with romulans, so much so I forgo cutting beam on my DD. Power levels can be kept high without Marion/Dem as an engineer.

Good Luck.


reginamala78 09-26-2013 10:42 PM

Warmaker: what you've described is basically how I have an alt's Ambassador set up (slightly adjusted for boff differences), and while its a MUCH better healer and survivor with that setup, I tend to get more more punch with the D'deridex, mostly I think because of the A2B giving me the extra CDs on the tac abilities. (Not that I'm one of those clowns who throws FAW at invincible targets to inflate my numbers; its for use when appropriate) And even the sci stuff, yeah the A2B hurts my heals 1/3 of the time from the crippled aux, but since I'm just a PVEer (nothing but bad experiences and rude people every time I go anywhere near PVP), usually its safe enough to wait 3 seconds to get my aux back for popping sci powers off, and if more urgent than that, thats what batteries are for.

The Gravity Well, yeah not really a huge fan of it either, but it seemed the sensible choice for a multirole ship, but results have been meh. Depending on how S8 adjustments pan out, I may swap the ltcmdrs around so sci becomes PH1/HE2/TSS3, then tac can be TT1/FAW2/APB2 since I won't need APO for a tractor counter. The Extends3 was likewise a compromise choice since I do get a fair bit of use out of it, the DD has speed problems using EWP well (in my hands anyways), don't like RSP (I'm an Eng; I should never BE in that situation), and can't really use Aux2SIF3 when I'm running A2B (and I love that A2B). As for DEM3, Marion is out of my price range, and theres nothing in PVE with enough shielding for DEM to otherwise be much use. So the Extends isn't a huge favorite, but useful and what else would I put in that slot? Heh, despite all that screed though, I did switch the EPTS and EPTW by the logic of "I have Eng Captain powers, the Borg set, and the Valdore console; losing 10% shield hardening is not going to make-or-break me."

On hardware, yeah I was thinking about doing an Emitter Array in place of the Sing Stabilizer, since mostly the Stabilizer is just about getting energy back quickly when I get access to a core with Amp, but its more a compromise than anything. Honestly the main thing holding me up was indecision about getting + or -Th on it, deciding on my role. As far as the Borg set, I consciously went for the Mk11 over the 12, giving up 200 shield points to halve the set cost, but does the Mk12 regen for THAT much more when it procs? Or I could just get a Fleet Adaptive shield and make the whole thing moot.

Its funny in a way; trying to make something that I haven't done on another alt already (10 so far), and I'm ending up with builds that would work best on someone else's ship.

Brody: I appreciate the thought, but swapping up my boffs is out of my price range. I went with regular Operatives instead of Superior because I could do all 5 stations with regular for the cost of a single Superior, and it only cost me 2% on my crth rate. I do make too many alts for my own good (trying every possible combination), which means I have to budget. Thanks though.

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