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jumpingjs 09-29-2013 10:37 AM

Need a bit of Help
I am considering leveling some new Toons,

One is already Level six (and as part as the RP will be the first Caitain captain to serve on a starfleet vessel) and his theme is Pre TNG. Currently flying the T1 connie, and when it hits LTC, it will fly the Exeter class . Then for Commander it will have the 4 naccelled ship (cannot remember the name, sorry) and for Captain it will have the T3 (Yes 3) Excelsior and then [finally] for RA it will have the Excelsior [upgrade].

Would that be fun? And also where do I get the TOS weapons from? And lastly, for the officers uniforms, TWOK or TOS?

starswordc 09-29-2013 11:57 AM

TOS phasers and torps come with the T1 C-store Connie, and AFAIK they're Mk Infinity, so their potency scales to your level. I saw a guy in a PvE about a week ago who was flying an upper level ship with TOS phasers. A non-level scaling version is available as a mission reward for episode "Klingon War", mission "Everything Old is New". TOS ground weapons are mission rewards for the following mission "Night of the Comet".

Can't give you advice on a build. I'm as much in the dark there as you are. As far as uniforms, I personally think the TWOK version looks better, but uniforms are completely cosmetic and have no effect on combat so it's up to you.

otisnoble 09-29-2013 12:05 PM

My Caitain uses the TOS Tunic set, as for weapons most are given when you complete missions or if you buy TOS pack from Z-Store.

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