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shrapne11 09-30-2013 01:00 AM

No bug's identified but I have to complement you guys on this map which is wonderful looking. I have not had the chance to run it on elite yet however the Normal seems WAY too easy. It only takes one player to guard half of the map during the Fleet Action. We were also able to defeat the boss ship in just a few seconds.

Elite may be a completely different animal and we plan to test it tomorrow.

Again the ships, scenery and etc. are sexy as heck!

usaaf1126thmp 09-30-2013 01:06 AM

Clean environment. You certainly get the feeling of scale. Seeing the star at the heart of the sphere. The maneuver area is wide and free of obstacles. Allowing one to make out the incoming Voth ships.
The map seems well made for a positional defense by a team focusing on one of each of the four corners of the pylon with the 5th player taking on the the cruiser size units that spawned at random locations also on the 4 corners or around the center.
I agree that it seemed to easy, though the effects the Voth ships put out were interesting and I expect a step up once elite is attempted. A good mixed team should have a great amount of fun in taking on this mission at both levels.

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