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telbasta7386 10-01-2013 05:55 PM

Ship Idea: Reunificationist Science Cruiser
This originally came up in a thread in the general forums asking for new vulcan ships, where I pitched the idea for a 'reunificationist' ship usable by both the federation (maybe limited only to vulcans? not sure, might hurt sales) and the romulan republic (regardless of which side you ally with).

The idea is simple: combining vulcan and romulan ship design aspects to create a ship for the reunificationists - the vulcans and romulans who wish to reunite their people together. D'tan is a well known reunificationist, as was spock. In fact, I think "spock-class" would be an awesome name for this vessel type.

As far as appearance goes, I'm thinking of something utilizing the head shape of more modern warbirds (the mogai, valdore, or ar'kif/ar'kala head designs), with the longish, slender body of a vulcan vessel. The ship would have the 'split wing' design common to many romulan ships like the d'deridex, ar'kif/ar'kala, dhelan, so on and so forth.

The primary visual aspect of the vulcan design would be the warp rings (as seen on the d'kyr), though as many people wanting a new vulcan ship have asked for this ship should feature more than a single ring. My suggestion would be to have two smaller rings - one on each wingtip where the split wing design of the romulan ships comes together - and then a larger ring at the center of the ship.

Being a hybrid ship, this vessel could incorporate the strongest traits of both groups - taking heavy cruiser queues from romulan ships and science prowess from vulcan ships. I cant say what the stats might be like, but I've always wanted a "light cruiser" that retains the weapon slots of the cruiser class but still holds onto the double deflector design and traits of a science ship.

I'll work on a rough sketch of what I think the ship might look like, but feel free to comment or pitch your own ideas on this kind of vessel's potential.

telbasta7386 10-01-2013 06:07 PM

Also forgot to mention, this ship would have the Romulan 1/2 hull patterns, as well as the Romulan Brown and Vulcan Brown hull patterns available - maybe even a hybrid hull pattern that mixes the two.

Also, my attempts at kitbashing the ship design to present a possible vessel are failing horribly. Perhaps one of the forum's talented artists could do better =P

f2pdrakron 10-01-2013 08:09 PM


To start what were the Romulans to begin with? Vulcans ... they also didnt got transported to Romulus either, they go there in Vulcan ships.

What we have is what Romulan ship design eventually lead, Vulcans appear to be stuck in their 22th century design (if not older) and didnt exactly evolved as much as Romulan design appeared to changed since stealing Starfleet designs or get them from the Klingons to having to work with Singularity Cores, they would not be around making a ship simply to appease the Vulcans in some stupid and idiotic attempt at ... cultural genocide because frankly Romulans have their culture and destroying everything they are to be Vulcans is akin to killing themselves as a culture.

No, Romulans are Romulans ... not Vulcans and I am not saying this as those weird people that want to play a psychopath (AKA "evil", also known as "ebil") that want to go around acting like douches, no ... I am saying this because Romulans are Romulans, not Vulcans and I am not going to flush down their entire culture because now they are "evil", if you think that ... well next time you want to write the year you are instead of 2013, you should write MMXIII (not I think the Arabs are evil, even if when I watch the news when I flipping channels it seems thats what some want to pass them as).

telbasta7386 10-01-2013 09:03 PM

Uh... where did I say romulans are evil? You seem to be insinuating that, not me. Many romulans, D'tan included, feel that reunification with the vulcans is their best chance at restoring their entire culture, instead of just the romulan half of it. Spock and some vulcans thought the same.

Also, you seem to think that vulcan ship design would eventually turn into what the romulans are using anyways. I disagree - the area of space they developed in, the purposes behind their ships, the materials they had available, and two thousand years of evolving culture and technology have made their paths entirely different. That's like saying chinese and european architecture should be the same because both chinese people and europeans evolved from cavemen in the same region of africa.

shpoks 10-02-2013 06:22 AM

While I get your interest in making a combined Vulcan/Romulan ship and see what it turns out to be like, I have to say that I strongly believe that it's just not plausible to do so.

First of all, there is no 'in universe' reason to do such a thing. Yes, the Romulan Republic and the Federation are allies for the time being, but to think they'd jump on it and morph ship designs would be overstretching it a bit.
Then, there is even less 'in game' reasons to do such a thing because this would imply a bonus ship if you're a Fed allied Romulan, thus stretching the gap between the Fed and KDF even more. Now I know that someone will jump and say - "But KDF allied Romulans can get the K'tinga/D7 then!" and yeah, they could, but then it's and old existing in game ship versus new shiny creation - furthermore the K'tinga is availible at T5 for KDF, so that would mean T5 ships being shared which will not happen.
I know you said "regardless of which side you ally with" but that is a very slippery slope.

Next would be the technology. The Romulans left Vulcan more than 2000 years ago and have been developing different technology ever since. That is 2000 years of development gone in a completely different direction. Vulcans use matter/antimatter cores to power their propulsion. On the other hand, the Romulans endeavored in uncovering the mysteries behind controlling a stable singularity which they use as power. These are essentialy different technologies to just morph together and assume it would work.
Even starships built on equal premises have crucial differences, remember in DS9 the Breen energy dissipator disabled the Federation and Romulan ships, but had no efect on Klingon ships.

One more thing I'd like to mention - you're calling this vessel 'Reunificacionist'. I see that word thrown around a lot since the Romulan faction was introduced, but what does it mean? I'm under the impression (not just from you OP, but many people on the forum) that people see the reunification as molding back Vulcans with Romulans, something that will never happen. The Reunificacionist movement is actually a movement of reconciliation between the Vulcans and Romulans as they have been on the receiving side of each-other's hate ever since those who marched beneath the Raptor's wings left Vulcan.
It's a movement for peace between long lost brethren, not a movement to mold the Romulans into Vulcans and have them supress emotions and embrace Surak's logic once again. Nor is it a movement to settle them on the same planet and break the Vulcan's chains on emotions and turn them into Romulans.

So, to sum it - in my opinion there is really no reason whatsoever for such a ship to exist. And the reunification movement is a small minority even within the newly formed Republic, regardless the current head of affairs being a member, so I don't see 'in universe' explanation why someone would stand behind such a project.

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