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jam062307 10-08-2013 11:15 AM

KDF Honor Guard is Recruiting
KDF Honor Guard is recruiting new applicants. We are a Bi-Faction fleet, Fed side has a fully completed SB, Embassy, and Mine. KDF side are the proud owners of a T5 SB, Fully Completed Embassy, and a Dilithium Mine waiting to proceed with it's T3 Upgrade. We have both casual and more hard core players in all disciplines of the game PVE, PVP, NWS, STF's etc. We have our own chat channel to help with communications between the two factions. Please note...we are a NO VOICE CHAT fleet. All communication takes place through in-game type chat clients. If you are interested, please fill out an application here and one of our fleet officers will be in touch in game!

jam062307 10-16-2013 05:39 PM

We started our T3 Mine Upgrade today, still lots of opportunity to contribute and get in with a great community!

maliusnight 11-26-2013 09:12 AM

As a proud member of KDF Honor Guard I officially Bump this thread!

If your looking for an active, knowledgeable, fleet look no further.

KDF Honor Guard /FED Star Fleet MACO

Enjoy the Dyson Battle Zone? We run groups in it every day.

Enjoy STFs? We run'em all ground or space. Been meaning to finish All the elites for the title? No Problem.

Keep in mind the Spire completion is coming up. The new Elite Fleet tac consoles are going to be best in slot.

Click the Link above My Fellow KDFers!

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