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dawnraidernx0891 10-09-2013 12:18 PM

Phoenix Rebirth Fleet Is Recruiting Ufp Aligned Romulans!
Hello all! Are you looking to join a fleet but want something a little more casual? Looking to meet new people from all around the world? Looking to have fun with a group of folks here in the STO world? Are you a romulan who is aligned with the federation? Then the Phoenix Rebirth fleet may be for you!! We are an international fleet with members in 3 different continents! All we ask new members is to respect your fellow players, be honest, communicate(so we can get to know you) and have fun! We'd love it if you contribute(we tend to promote based on communication, fun, and contribution) but unlike some other fleets CONTRIBUTION IS NOT REQUIRED TO BE IN THIS FLEET! Because we're a smaller and more casual fleet we're not as far along as others, but we're a more intimate group willing to share more and work together! Give us a try! contact myself Daxx@dawnraidernx0891, or RobertJohnson@pendrillion

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