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nador67 10-14-2013 11:14 AM

For Cardassia
I understand that many Cardassian fans have already joined fleets; However my intent here is to NOT be a fleet as much as a location for Cardassians regardless of faction to gather in one place.

As a Cardassian society is not very developed (Either by ST episodes, books, etc.); There isn't much on subservient races within the Union and the ST episodes only showed the major species (Cardassians).

If you are an Alien (generic) which wants to base your story on membership within the Cardassian Union you are also welcomed within the group. There is no need to leave your fleet because this is not a fleet.

I've named it the Jevonite Order as Jevonite is a rare and special gem (like Cardassians); The Order is just a social interaction group allowing one community to stand united.

You do NOT have to join; If you are willing to perform administrative duties (like pretty up the web page) the membership would be required just for that purpose.

The basic forums are open to the public. There are also forum Embassies for the three factions which would require membership, but no responsibilities are expected. As we do not have a faction yet, we will not have a starbase in game.

Just a friendly invite to unite our peoples again.

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