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Archived Post 01-29-2010 10:22 AM

The Knights Order
As you may have noticed we are a Klingon affiliated guild playing Star Trek Online. We are looking for “hard core gamers” as well as “weekend warriors”. We are not RP'ers but we like to make our guild “fit” the game and have structured it appropriately.

What this guild has to offer:

•Mature Players
•50 man Vent server (upgradeable).
•Web site and forums
•Need before GREED atmosphere

What we ask of our guild members:

• Mature play
• Honor and Loyalty We are Klingon NOT Federation!!!!
•Need before Greed mentality

With the lack of Klingon PvE that is expected at launch we also encourage our “spy” network to smuggle in weapons and Technology through exploiting Federation PvE areas.

If you are interested apply here.

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