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Archived Post 01-29-2010 09:40 AM

Headstart Bonus Codes
Ok so how is this going to work.

I've received my pre-order codes which allow me to play open beta but also to play headstart. I've received e-mails recently saying I wont get the special bonus codes until 2nd Feb.

But this will render my headstart character pointless. One of my bonuses is being able to play Joined Trill.

Presumably I'm going to have to restart my character because I wont be able to just change races!!! I'm also supposed to receive bonus skills points (around 38% extra during Ensign training). Now this can I suppose be added afterwards, but as I understand it, they are starting points. So WILL they be added later.

Any one have any answers or thoughts?

Archived Post 01-29-2010 09:43 AM

Erm, make another character until you can access your joined trill?.

Thats what im doing anyway, i have it all planned out, going a Bajoran Tactical officer untill i can get my joined trill and then go engineer with her, not getting joined trill is 1 of many dissapointments in the headstart, all the goodies in the preorder bonuses i cant use until almost 2 weeks after headstart :(.

But ill live with it :).

Archived Post 01-29-2010 09:43 AM

Preorder bonuses will be added to your account on Feb 2nd, when you put the code in. Specifically with the extra points, I'm not sure. I'm not getting them and haven't looked into it, but the Joined Trill is something you will have to start on launch, unfortunately, as I would like to play mine as well.

Archived Post 01-29-2010 09:43 AM

Most people are suggesting playing a fill-in Federation character until level 5, then switching to a Klingon until the 2nd. Then transfer whatever you have on your Federation character to your new Joined Trill and start him out with a bit of an economy advantage, and then spend your extra Skill Points on him.

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