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Archived Post 01-29-2010 02:34 PM

Swap Items between characters?

I played in the beta and should have tried this myself but I never got around to creating a second character. My question is, can you swap/trade/exchange items between your characters (same account of course)?

I ask because I would like to spend a few days during the head start playing but I want to use some pre-order stuff that I can only access after launch, was hoping to be able to pass on some gear to my new (real) character once he/she/it can be created.


Archived Post 01-29-2010 02:37 PM

You could do that during the last week of the Open Beta... Attachements can be sent from the 'Mail' console in the Star Fleet Exchange section...

Technically, it suppose to be possible to send items to a different character in a different account, but I didn't have the opportunity to test this feature...

nvelloc 12-26-2012 04:54 AM

Yes this is possible, I am a new player and I just tested it....

from the FAQ at squidoo...

How Do I Mail Items? Can I Transfer Items To My Other Character?
You can attach items to mail, and even send them to your other character(s), using the small consoles near the bank consoles, in the bank area of Exchange on Earthdock.

The mail option in the hud does not allow this, you must use the terminal in the bank that lets you do mail.

anazonda 12-26-2012 05:14 AM

Here are some updates you might find useful:

All characters have a Account bank.
  • Gold get x-amout of free slots.
  • Silvers (F2P) get access to the bank, but have to buy slots from the C-Store.
  • Said slots can then be used to switch items and Energy Credits between chars

Items are split into 3 Categories:
  • Non-Bound: Items that can be trade between characters and accounts, regardless if used or not. These are typically Common items, and can be traded via mail, Exchange or directly.
  • Account Bound items: These items can be swapped between characters using the account bank. Some are Common, but most are very rare.
  • Bound: Locked to the char that used them the first time. Thees can not be traded or sold, other than at vendors or using the "Discard" option.

tangolight 12-26-2012 02:07 PM

Note this is a necro. The people you are responding to posted this thread nearly 3 years ago.

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