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Archived Post 01-29-2010 04:28 PM

Remove Reverse Power Drain!!
What is the point of this?

If I decide to move my ship backwards as a tactical maneuver why is 25 power points taken from all systems?

Any ship, with any power setting to engines can go faster forward than a ship moving backwards, so why does this exist?

The whole point of letting a player control the ship is so they can fight as they see fit. In the movies and TV series the ships also can move side to side and up and down. They are never forced into a single direction! I was happy with just forward and backwards and now you've pretty much taken away backwards!

Please remove this limitation immediately!

Archived Post 01-29-2010 04:37 PM

I agree completely.

Archived Post 01-29-2010 04:54 PM

I second that. I don't see the logic behind it. Reverse is a [erfect tactic, and even in real life you see Tanks and mechanize units using it.

Archived Post 01-29-2010 05:01 PM

Cant find a reason to throw out the reverse sorry .
Some might find it confusing :D

Archived Post 01-30-2010 03:25 AM

bump bump bumpy

Archived Post 01-30-2010 03:27 AM

Reverse got nerfed because it has been the standard tactic to dispatch mobs several levels higher than your own. The best solution they could thought of for this has been the power drain.

Archived Post 01-30-2010 03:42 AM

Think of Defiant... 3 Cannons in front and moving backward... All Cannons can shoot quiet a long time on the target and the Defiant will not have to maneuver a bit... So, all guys who carry cannons will have a advantage, because any Cruiser wouldn´t need to fly backward to keep tha target as long as possible under front weapon fire... But there for Cruisers´s Beams doing less dmg... Its just a question of balancing, and guys, trust me... I still flying a escort, and have flown a Prometheus in OB... U didnt need to move backward...

Archived Post 02-05-2010 08:13 PM

I think you kind of misunderstood what I was saying.

If someone started firing at my from 10k away and put it in reverse, I would not have any trouble closing that gap real quick.

With that said, this is not how I use reverse. Sometimes I will be in a fight, up close, have the positional advantage, and in order to maintain it I would fly backwards and maneuver to match their movements. A very annoying and effective maneuver... Well it used to be, now when I do it while I attack or adjust my power levels quickly drop. They just need to ignore people whining about someone being to far away... because we can all shoot from 10k. And the right use of powers can close a 10k gap in seconds or less.

The nerf just brings down crafty and smart players.
Like I said before, I was happy with only being given two methods of movement, but now I get worried about putting my ship into reverse. The power drain happens fast, across all power systems, and just doesn't make sense.:confused: Not to mentioin it takes forever for my power levels to come back. :mad:

Archived Post 02-05-2010 08:53 PM

Typical dev solution to a balance problem: nerf it!

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