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Archived Post 01-29-2010 06:12 PM

Patcher Suggestion FTW!
purchased the digital pre-order and downloaded the 6G of whatever it was, 15hrs later.. to find out once I get the STO patcher I have to download the whole 10G.. would think just 4G's more.. but...

Why wouldn't you just let us download the actual patcher alone and bypass the whole Digital DL fiasco and spend all our time just downloading the actual game..

I'm on a 1M connection (pitifull) and with no other way to get the game in my area short of a download.. so here's the suggestion..

make the actual patcher a downloadble and let the players get the complete game that way..after all that is what i'm having to do "after the fact" this should save alot of xtra unneeded DL time for others in this situation :)

and put us in the "Captains Seat" a whole lot faster.

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