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Archived Post 01-29-2010 06:34 PM

A few quick Klingon questions
Hey there everyone. I have been nonstop since headstart so havent had a chance to post a few questions that came up regarding Klingons. I didnt get a chance to play much OB and have perused the FAQs and forums and cannot find the answers. Please forgive me if they have already been asked. My main concern is I unlocked the Klingon characters a little while ago and was curious if I reroll my federation character that unlocked them will I be unable to access Klingons anymore? Or is it permanently unlocked on the account? Another questionn is having obviously played a fed character up until now I have seen NO Klingon players at all? Forgive the ignorance, but is that due to a different sector they start in? Or do the Fed players just completely outnumber KO? Lastly, for those who have experience with KO characters are they mainly for PVP or is the general gameply IE: PVE the same as the Fed game? Thank you so much for any and all help!

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These are also things i would like to know. Mainly is the kingons content pve like starfleet or just pvp?

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I should have said the Klingons do indeed start in a separate sector.

In OB I deleted my Fed after making my first Klingon but I believe I read it unlocks for the account. You should wait for someone to confirm that though.

There is very little PvE for Klingons. It was almost entirely KvK and FVK that I saw up to Lt Commander in OB.

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I'll add these answers to the faq.

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