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Looking for a Mature fleet
Im 35 ( old ) looking for a fleet with players around my age. Alittle ( rp ) is cool to. Im helpful and a teamplayer also a pvp junkie.

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I'm in Star Fleet Defenders. It's a pretty nice group. They've got ages 20 to 60 on there. It's in EST time (GMT-5) for the most part. And the website is very shiny too.

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I think we will be forming a "mature" fleet also.
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Originally Posted by Cplcashcamer
Im 35 ( old ) looking for a fleet with players around my age. Alittle ( rp ) is cool to. Im helpful and a teamplayer also a pvp junkie.

Check us out.... all 30+ ....

We are a US fleet... and have a Ventrillo server.

We come from a long stint in playing a MMO called WWII Online as a squad so we are very team oriented...and love to have fun!

We would be honored to have you give us a look.

Archived Post 01-30-2010 12:44 AM

Space......the Final Frontier, These are the voyages of the Star Fleet Defenders. Our mission: To explore strange new worlds... To seek out new life and new civilizations... To boldly go where no fleet has gone before!


Star Fleet Defenders is a mature, casual fleet for adult STO players. We will be a fun fleet who is more concerned about playing together and enjoying each others company than getting to the highest level. No matter what we do, we will enjoy doing it together. I believe that each member is unique and has something to add to the overall personality of the fleet.

Whether you will be a casual gamer who only plays twice a week or an avid gamer who never logs off doesn't matter to us. Star Fleet Defenders is looking for members with personality!!

Star Fleet Defenders is just trying to be a regular fleet . Please donít get me wrong, I am not saying anything bad about any other fleets (insert name here). I am an older gamer who just wants to start a mature fleet to run some missions with and to have fun. I could really care less about ranking systems for a fleet (ex. Vice Admiral In Charge Of Research) Older gamers just want to have fun!!

Star Fleet Defenders Web Site

Star Fleet Defenders Recruitment Thread
Join the Star Fleet Defenders

Syrran, Cmdr Star Fleet Defenders
Global Chat Handle @Syrran

Archived Post 01-30-2010 12:49 AM

Hey Cpl,

TAW- The Art of Warfare is recruiting. We are a 600+ member, multi national, multi game community. We have a dedicated teamspeak server and website. Check us out at and see if we are what you are looking for... You can also apply there, apply to Vanguard- ST team. Vanguard is where we house games that are new to TAW and under development.

Good luck and good hunting.

Archived Post 01-30-2010 07:23 AM

Greetings Cplcashcamer,

I am Letum Omnis, of TCON (The Consortium).

I think you could find a nice place here to call home, especially with our PVP coordinator, Kilgore, he's a PVP junkie as well.

Our focus is on exploring the PVE/PVP episode content the game has to offer, including the 5,10,20 man raids. We have vent, and use it regularly. That being said, you may wish to give our group a look. We are made up of a group of mature gamers, and are a"family style" group, without any specific time requirements.

Just a glimpse of some of the things we can offer:
  1. We are extremely well organized, with command structure, ranks, and advancement in place.
  2. Clearly identified means of promotion within the fleet that corresponds with the in game ranking structure.
  3. Fun, family friendly atmosphere.
  4. Global member base (U.S., UK, NZ), so we typically will have someone on at all times.
  5. Seven (7) year history together in various MMO's, and have accomplished much in our previous MMO's
  6. A nice mix of folks who RP. So if you enjoy that, we can offer it as well.
  7. Close knit group of folks who are willing to go the extra mile to help you out, and make you feel at home.
  8. We have vent, and forums.

I suggest heading over to our primary recruting thread and our forums for more information, and see what you think. If you think we are a good fit, then feel free to contact me here, on our forums, or in game.

My in game name is the same as my signature. (Letum Omnis@flakk)

Links to our webpage and primary recruiting thread are in my signature.
(Contain additional information)

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Archived Post 01-30-2010 07:32 AM

not sure what timezone you're in - give us a look if you're in GMT or thereabouts. We've set age limits in teh past, but to be honest as long as someone plays maturely that's ok by us. Founder members are around 40ish 44 but I'm not sure I count as mature.
Happy gaming

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