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Archived Post 01-29-2010 10:48 PM

Map Problems Persisting from Open Beta
I had ticketed many of these issues in Open Beta, and received responses of "Resolved" for most. However, I am disappointed to discover that the same problems persist.

Beyton V (the map with the miners complaining) has map issues that are pretty glaring. Searching for an anomaly node takes one near a rock formation hovering in the air (dropped but not adjusted for slope of ground). It has no textures on the bottom, so it's see-through. A brief investigation reveals numerous rock formations like this. There's also a glitched NPC and a rock formation dropped on top of a shelter. I went ahead and ticketed it again, for whatever it's worth.

Some other map issues I've run into are open grounds, landscape objects hovering above ground with no textures (ground is sloped, so one end of object sticks above ground), anomaly nodes inside boulders or too far down in the map so that scan event doesn't trigger, embedded objects whose faces show collision (faces occupying the same plane), This is simply inexcusable for any experienced map-designer.

And finally, I gotta log a complaint about some interior starbases (in random missions, like Delta Vol or Arucanis Arm). I'm trying to overlook the absurd room layout (room-to-hall-to-room-to-hall-to-room) because I know they're computer-generated, but the lighting is just awful. The lights are set too high. The texture looks almost like bright white with a few hard-to-see color designs.

Well, this is all for now...

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