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kodachikuno 10-28-2013 11:10 PM

Plot Idea
So I just wrapped up the breen arc and the undine arc on an alt again and a couple ideas occured to me... esp upon being reminded the Undine were behind the Half-Breed's ascension to Empress... I might develop this into a foundry mission or two if there seems to be some interest.

So in uber rough format the idea is that certain elements of the Republic Senate work with dissatisfied elements of the military of both the Republic and the Imperial remnants, perhaps pull in some more moderate/desperate Tal Shiar.
A rising star within the republic, seen as a hero to many(read a level 50 Romulan PC) has even negotiated a deal with a faction of Breen that are looking for a "new" way of life. This heroic Vice Admiral in conjunction with members of the Senate has had enough of the Reunificationists and their policy of subservience to the Federation and Klingon Empire. D'Tan called upon Romulans to work together, to survive, and to flourish but immediately sold out his people for some milk and blankets. D'Tan spills proud Romulan blood to fight the wars of others.

ENOUGH! We do not bow before others! We to not beg for scraps from other's tables! We WILL survive! We WILL rebuild! We WILL flourish! For we are Romulans!!

With this mindset D'Tan and his Reunificationists were quickly ejected from positions of power(legally) and the Republic was quietly reordered into a NEW Star Empire. One similar in many ways to the Republic. One with Breen, Suliban, and Reman incorporated as true equals. Where merchants and politicians from all over are welcomed. One still free of the shadowy corruption of the Tal Shiar. But one that stands on its own, one that does NOT spill the blood of its children in the wars of other powers.

So yeah thats the gist... yes I know cryptic will never do it, but what do yall think? And would ya like to see it developed into some Foundry mission arcs? If so Ill prolly need to get help to make sure we have a "proper" Romulan feel to everything and correct naming in Romulan. Protogoth would prolly be invaluable in some of that she loves minutia and has the language down it seems. Im sure there's others

kodachikuno 10-29-2013 06:15 PM

well I guess that was a huge 'F*** no'

carasucia83 11-01-2013 02:26 AM

I already told cryptic that I'd buy a lifetime sub and lots and lots of zen to see something like this made official, but, coming back from dreamylalaland a second, I like your synopsis. I like the idea that D'Tan iis not the Roman Space Elf Jesus that everyone thinks he is. Outsiders joining in is cool. Not sure about the Breen though, they're a spikey bunch.

kodachikuno 11-01-2013 09:48 AM

I added the Breen because of the "rebel" Breen mentioned in their little arc. Thought that might be a nice extra spice for the mix. Not to mention giving the new Empire more fight.

I was thinking the Raptor Empire for a name tho Im open to suggestion.

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