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Archived Post 01-30-2010 03:48 AM

Stats info?
i got a little big question, there is alot of stats in this game, i dot know how many, as i stopped counting, all thouse stats makes me extreemly confused, when i try to build up my Bridge Crew, and equip my ship, as i got no idea what the most stats do, and how much they do it.

i noticed i can follow how much my bridge officer gets better, in the info, as it update, as i level him up, but then when i level up my self, i could just as well be shooting in blinds, as i have no idea what the most helps in, theres a couple of examples in the bottom of each stat, but it aint helping much, if it only shows 2 items, on a list of maby 12 places it helps.

is there a way to see a very detailed and full list of every stat in-game, and what that makes what better?

or should i just leep closing my eyes, and press wildly in the stat window?

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Originally Posted by droa (Post 1772913)
is there a way to see a very detailed and full list of every stat in-game, and what that makes what better?

Well. No. There isn't. There are some community projects out there to document what each does, but they're kinda up in the air right now. My suggestion - if you don't know something, just ask over here. There's bound to be someone who knows and can help.


or should i just leep closing my eyes, and press wildly in the stat window?
Well... the thing is ... if you look at skills, right. Some of them are pretty obvious in what they do. You are gonna wanna increase Starship Operations, Starship Projectile Weapons, Starship Energy Weapons to max rank.

Those are givens. Because you know you'll be using that stuff. The others depend on what build you have, and what bridge officer powers you intend to use. As you've noticed, a lot of skills give examples of what powers they affect. Again, folks are still documenting the linkages...

But if you find you like using Tractor Beam a lot, then you'd definitely want to increase the skills that boost Tractor Beam. And you can see what they are in the skills panel - it gives some indication.

You can also, when in space, hit 'P' to bring up your powers info, and check Tractor Beam to see what skills it's affected by.

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i've been notecing that, however i am still pretty new, as i got late into the beta.

i am trying my way as a engineer, and and currently i am trying to only spec into space skills, the "Warp Core Power" is it also improving phasers? currently i can only see it should improve Shield, and the AoE attack "Dump warp (something something)"

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Starship Warp Core Training improves a few specific powers... Emergency to Engines and EPS Power Transfer spring to mind. I think that's what it lists as examples. You may not use Emergency to Engines, but EPS Power Transfer is something you get for free as an Engineer captain, so you should be using it.

'cause you have it anyway. And besides, it's great. It boosts power levels for you or your allies.

Starship Warp Core Training also, I you a little increase in power levels across the board. Which is why most people increase the skill even if they aren't Engineers or flying Cruisers.

Anyway, check try web-based STO character builder - it's by a forum user named Ghley, and he's been doing good work. His latest revision tells you what skills affect a given bridge officer power. He doesn't have all the bridge officer power info yet, but it's a good start.

Archived Post 01-30-2010 04:40 AM

OP. If you are talking about the modifiers "+10, +20 etc", that means it increases effectiveness by 10 oe 20%. Now, thats not true for all skills, as that same number modifies the duration the skill lasts instead but with a lower co-efficient. So, +10 or +20 could end up really being +5% or +10%

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thank you for the info, indeed good things to know, or i would be lost, i realy hopy they improve a little in the setup, and interface. as its very confusing keeping the details about the player

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cant wait

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woudlnt it be more trekkie, to maby have a inboard ship interface, with wires and retrouing systems, as a skilltree instead? and maby have the ability to reroute better and better, the more skill the char have? ohh i did wish it was beeing that, when i saw for 2 year ago, that STO was under development :p

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