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Archived Post 01-30-2010 03:50 AM

Cool game so far.
I didn't play Beta at all, but got in in time for head start. A lot to learn, but I am in no rush, me and a mate having fun on Vent discovering what we need to do. It took me about 5 minutes to find out how to turn off general chat so we didn't have the constant spam of 14 year old morons QQing about Beta loot being better or why they can't get their Borg or that they want their Tribble ( i looted one within an hour).

Also I use a Mac and read forums to see if their was a Mac version, no surprise their wasnt and the usual fools telling people to go buy a PC, 30 mins of Bootcamping and the game screems on my Mac graphics set full to start with then tuned down just a little to get rid of slight jerky graphics and now are awesome.

Any complaints, not really, getting pushed off NPC's by other players kinda gets old fast, but no big issue. We got strange people auto added to our party that decided they were in charge as they had played beta, so we left that team, started another and made it closed - no more idiots to contend with.

For a new user, the rank progression system is a little confusing and as you cant reset it maybe could do with some better explanation before we go wasting points, but from what I can tell it doesn't really matter at noob stages what you put your points in. I played Eve some time ago, and it looks like (but cant find any conformation) that you could eventually train everything?? Is it like that or do you reach a point where you cant get any more points and could be missing something you want? again, a little more in the manual to clarify rather than 50 people on a forum thread talking like they work for cryptic, when they don't, telling you that their version is correct, when it isn't.

Yes, so far, good game, lots to learn, no real complaints about the game, graphics, space or ground missions. I am again guessing, but I suppose a death penalty will start to apply once you get out of noob ranks.

And so far the only QQ from me is the constant QQ from 14 year old's on every chat channel possible moaning about things they want but can't have which is common to all MMo's.

I am seriously not at all interested in PvP, and from what I see so far, it is only with consent, my only fear is that they do something like Eve where once you venture out of noob space you spend your life being ganked by PvP types that are scared to fight other pvp types but think its cool for them to kill noobs. So I hope that the far off reaches of space are open to exploration and not just the realm of the elite pvpers, I guess we will find out.

As for launch day, good job, no real issue at start time, no big queue from everybody signing in at once, no server crash and within a day a quick restart to fix a few problems, good job.

Can't wait to play more.

Archived Post 01-30-2010 04:02 AM

Ya it is a great game so far

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