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Archived Post 01-30-2010 04:16 AM

UCF for the mature players :P
Now is the perfect time to join UCF!

We're undergoing a major reconstruction and reorganization and we will be counting on our new recruits to not only reach the standard, but raise it to new heights.

UCF is always looking for new members it does not matter if you are good player or not but that you're a decent person. We are more interested in your personality than your fighting ability, we can teach you how to fight but can't teach you to be a decent human being.

What we are:

1) Mature adults that want to play with like minded people
2) RL comes first, but when we are in the game we mean buisness (no raid afk'ers, no griefers, no lazy people that beg for runs).
3) When we get to end game content, our plans are
a) PvE focus
our times will be set after the game gets going and we see what end game content is open
b) PvP active with events
We are not an RP guild but will have room for RP'ers.

Visit us at

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