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Introduce your characters
L'Kor Rozhenko

This is my name in Star Fleet, and I am proud of it. My true name is L'Kor, son of Alexander, of the House of Martok and I am even more proud of that name, and of my family. The fact that I am a Klingon and from my particular family has not made me popular in Star Fleet, but I am a Klingon, and can only expect as much in these difficult days.

I was born on Qo'noS in 2387 and my mother died in childbirth. I was raised there and went through both rites of ascention. I was named after a Klingon warrior who aided my grandfather when he was very young. Despite my grandfather's prominence and my father's willingness to assist him, our family is now distrusted by both the Klingons and the Federation, especially after the start of the present war. After my grandfather's remarriage and the birth of his son K'Dhan a gulf opened between my father and his father and we left the Klingon home world and resettled in Federation space. I joined Star Fleet in 2404.

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Four of Seventeen, Sub-Spatial Adjunct of Ancillary Maintenance Matrix Seventy-Six

As a liberated Borg, I obviously know very little of my past before I achieved liberation from The Collective in 2405. The doctors who did my reconstructive surgery told me I was from what the Borg call Species 3783 and others call the Romulans. I must assume that the surgery performed by these Star Fleet doctors was intended to remove whatever remnant Romulan appearance I may have carried, though their testing suggests I may have been assimulated in the Borg attack on Romulan settlements in 2364. Officially, they have recorded me in the records as a "human".

Regardless of who I was, I am now a Star Fleet officer, and fully ready to serve in whatever comes. I wish those who stare at me and avoid my presence understood that. But my resistance to this is futile.

Archived Post 01-30-2010 06:58 AM

Kestra Genestra

I was born on Bertazed in 2385, and had an almost invisible childhood. Part of this, I guess, reflected my personality, and part was a family issue, as we still suffered from a tarnished reputation from my grandfather's unfortunate involvement in the infamous Satie scandal of 2367. This was complicated by my name which on Betazed is considered beautiful due to its rhyme, but elsewhere is often greeted by giggling. Resisting a bond to a future husband (or did no one wish to marry into our family?), I attended medical school and then graduated from Star Fleet Academy in 2408.

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My designation is 13 of 29 , Species 5618
Rescue was difficult. We...I was deep in the throes of infection. All I am left with comes to me in regeneration cycle as fragments of a nightmare.
My efforts are now focused on redemption for past transgressions.
Our will, my will, is becoming my own again.

I now wish to be known as Decimal , and will protect and defend the interests of the Federation until I breathe no more.

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Nice char's und cool stories! I hope to see more pics from the liberated borgs though!

Archived Post 01-30-2010 09:52 AM

Alien name: Auz'aul'zeiloi-- literally translates to “Dancing veil of light by the moon” with the universal translator.
English name, for humans to use in place of her difficult name: “Aurora Moon”.

Character's background: is from a pretty much a custom race, which I decided to call Achernarians.

an race that relatively got contacted by the federation recently (if you can call 20 years ago in this current time line recent), and then 20 years later joined the federation of planets.
They're humanoid mammals with skintones that usually comes in shades of purple and blue only. They evolved from an now non-existent species that was very similar to fruit bats. So as an result, they tend to be very nocturnal creatures.... although they can work during day hours too as well.
They're also well-known for being a race that is naturally nudist... believing that clothes are only a option, and only meant for protection and not much else. Most has a hard time grasping the idea that other races out there actually sees nudity as something sexual, and therefore offensive. When they do wear clothes, They have a strong preference towards silk or any other similar fabric as seeing other fabrics tends to feel very confining and heavy on their body.

They're also: Very hard to offend, believes in total freedom to the point of almost being anarchic, often have cool glowing tattoos (which they get as an rite of passage for turning into an full fledgling adult), And Get drunk off chocolate!

how she got into star-fleet: her mother divorced her biological father when "Aurora" was at a young age. Her mother then traveled the stars while Aurora stayed at home with her father. Her mother briefly had an relationship with a star ship captain who allowed her to work in his ship as an bartender.. and thus she was able to collect many stories and pictures from all over the place to tell Aurora back home.
Aurora then started to feel the same wanderlust that her mother had, wanting to see those sights for herself rather than depend on secondhand information to get the feel of what a place was like.
So soon as she was old enough, she signed up at star-fleet academy and the rest is history.

Archived Post 01-30-2010 09:59 AM

Back in the Command Chair
Stardate 0130.2010, Captain's Log, supplemental
We have just woke up. We have been in a sleep statis on board the U.S.S. Thor's Hammer for nearly 32 years. When we went into a forced hibernation, it was to escape a Borg Cube that was tracking us and we had no way to out run it. So a radical idea was introduced, head into a Nebula and shut down...literally..everything but the barest life support and look 'dead'. Without sensors to give our ruse away, we would have to be found on a visual level which would be nearly impossible and then a boarding crew would have to examine was a dicey choice but I gave the order to do it. As the only Starfleet captain to wear an aloha shirt on the bridge and drink Margaritas before engaging an enemy in combat, I figured, "What the's only a miracle it'll work..." One problem is that we were suppossed to be shut down for 6 nos. in case the cube hung around to see if we were playing 'possum but something went wrong and now we ae thirty plus years older but only showing about 6 mos. aging. (Tanning booths can cover that!) Well looks like Logan Mercury is going to have to adjust to newer technology, better ships and more sexual harrassment protocols. It seems my history has caught up with me! well this old explorer will manage adn since moswt of my crew wishes to stay under my command I think we will find kicking Klingons here as much fun as it was in the old days over at Starfleet Command. well my dear folks the Mercurys over on Mars are dead, my brother is pulling a pension and living out his retirement in a holographic Robt. E. Howard world with a guy named Conan and my sister still thinks 20th century super heroes on Earth are cool in a Cyrptic kinda way. So I'm back and ready to see what these new photon torps do to a Klingon's cloaked rear end...
Hasta la vista babies...Logan Mercury

Archived Post 01-30-2010 11:18 AM

Vetal Cretak

My father was a science officer in the Romulan forces and died with our world. My mother was among the survivors as she was off-world pregnant with me when the disaster struck. She was visiting her widowed mother on the obscure planet of Carraya IV and I was born there in 2388. I never knew my father.

For reasons I may never understand, though I think it is somehow linked to the history of her family, my mother chose to settle on Qo'noS. While I have never been entirely comfortable among these Klingons, I have a burning desire to honor my father’s military heritage and to seek some way to serve against the expansionist Federation, so I entered Klingon military service in 2401.

Romulus is gone, but my honor survives, even if I must pursue it in Klingon service.

Archived Post 01-30-2010 11:27 AM

I am Mitth'raw'nuruodo or you can call be my core name, Thrawn.

I hail from a galaxy quite a distance from this one. I am Chiss and I was a Grand Admiral in the Galactic Imperial Navy under his excellency the Emperor Palpatine. I am not sure how I arrived here but I was engaged in combat in an area of space called "Wild Space". Suddenly, as my opponent's vessel erupted, a beam of light came over my ship's bridge and then there was darkness. I awoke on board a Federation vessel with no memory of how I arrived. I was sedated, examined, determined to be in good health and released into the custody of Starfleet Intelligence.

Archived Post 01-30-2010 12:14 PM

Dr. Lucretius Cyrus

Recent graduate of the Federation Medical Academy, top of my class. My focus is flora and fauna for medicinal purposes. I look forward to exploring the universe and hopefully finding some new vaccines. I also enjoy cooking so finding some new and unique culinary delights would be terrific.

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