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Free Lancer Xtreme Fleet!
Greetings to all,

I am formally known as FLX=Alecto=AO and have been a loyal fan of Star Trek for as long as I can remember. I created the Free Lancer Xtreme Guild for Star Trek Gamers back on the 9th of November, 2008 and the Guild is still expanding it's member base, slowly but surely.

Resources are limited so the Free Lancer Xtreme (FLX) Guild is only on Xfire and Facebook at present but has a great potential for prosperity. The FLX Guild supports all Star Trek games at present, the games leading with the most hours played in total are Star Trek Bridge Commander, Star Trek Online and Star Trek Armada II.

Please click here to view the FLX Guild on Xfire, clicking on the link will not redirect you away from this page.

I will be playing Star Trek Online from head start onwards with a lifetime subscription from the 29th of January, 2010 at approximately 18:30 (GMT) and I will create the Free Lancer Xtreme Fleet within Star Trek Online as soon as I have five players within the Fleet, if you would like to join the FLX Fleet, I would like you to also join the FLX Guild for Star Trek Gamers as a UCSS Officer, please click here for more information. Also please note that originally the application thread as well as the rules thread was designed for Star Trek Bridge Commander.

If you would like to read about the Union City Space Station which is the base of opperations for the FLX Fleet, please click here, you will not be re-directed away from this page.

After reading please bare in mind that it's just one idea among many, a draft and a work in progress that has never recieved enough attention to warrent it's further expansion. Also, comments are very much appreciated, please feel free, good or bad, it's all welcome.

Thank you for your time and consideration. :)

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The Free Lancer Xtreme Fleet Description in Brief.

The FLX Fleet consists of many Free Lancers who are willing to work together in times of Xtreme urgency, when otherwise while working alone would not survive!

The FLX home base of operations is located within the Union City Space Station (UCSS), a highly sophisticated piece of technological engineering of unknown origin which is able to move though subspace and is immune to all known sensor and tracking technology. The UCSS may also be considered as a pirate trading post, as many patrons are wanted for criminal activities!

It is not known when the UCSS was constructed or who is responsible; but we do know that it has expanded over many centuries in secret. The FLX Guild has many contacts, incredible ideas, astonishing technology, generous engineering teams and the key to it all, is trade. The UCSS is in a constant and rigorous state of expansion and development.

The UCSS has many automated systems, capable of self diagnoses, self maintenance and even self awareness!

Every single foreign object that enters the UCSS, even on a sub-molecular level, is automatically scanned, then all of the information on the object, be it a person or a piece of junk, is stored into the central database as a security precaution. With so many alien visitors and with trade as a priority, it's also nice to know what your visitors are carrying in their cargo bays. The UCSS has been equipped with many advanced and even some bio-engineered technologies over the centuries, which allow many benefits to the crew, as well as the visitors who are willing to pay for the services.

The station is also capable of using a very delicate and highly sophisticated device known as the "Xalecto'Kalas" which allows sub-dimensional jumping, changing the location of the station in nothing more than an instance, although the power requirement for the XK device is far to great for the jumps to be made frequently. If your part of the Fleet you will receive coordinates.

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Free Lancer Xtreme Fleet Roster
The Free Lancer Xtreme Fleet Roster.

Needs to be updated...

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We are officially live! We want to thank everyone who's been with us throughout the beta test and welcome those of you just now joining us for the first time. In just a few moments, you'll be exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, and boldly going where no one has gone before! We encourage you to give us your feedback; please make sure to post it on the forums. For now though, it's time for you to begin your years-long mission! Welcome to Star Trek Online!

For those who have yet to purchase Star Trek Online, please visit our retail page for a listing of retailers and digital distributors who can provide you with a retail copy of the game.
Well I've gotta say, I've been here through Beta, Head Start and now I'm going "Live" so heres to Cryptic, it's been a fun rollercoaster ride and you've done a great job so far. So thank you and heres hoping that Star Trek Online Lives Long and Prospers! ;)

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Just to let you know...

There are 3 players currently founding the FLX Fleet who reside within the United Kingdom, GMT (UTC+0), 1 player who resides in Finland, EET (UCT+2) and 2 players who reside in Illinois, Central (UCT-6), the 21st State admitted to the USA, so as you can see, we are very happy to allow players from around the world to join.

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The FLX Guild on Xfire currently has 100 members in total, 4 of those are UCSS Officers, many are Free Lancers and some are from various other clans who all play various different Star Trek games.

We now have 189 FLX Fleet characters in STO.

This post will be updated periodically, thank you.

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The members within the FLX Fleet are able to communicate vocally to one another via Xfire.

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Sign me up.

Character: Taywek@scharnhorst
Rank: Lieutenant
Profession: Engineering
Ship class: Cruiser

Archived Post 02-05-2010 03:50 PM

ok take me onboard AGENT-TRON@AGENT-TRON i have extensive knowledge on tribbles but being a tactical officer gives me a combat edge also i am much stronger than many oponents being non humanoid :)

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Originally Posted by Scharnhorst (Post 1944369)
Sign me up.

Character: Taywek@scharnhorst
Rank: Lieutenant
Profession: Engineering
Ship class: Cruiser

Thank you for your interest in the FLX Fleet, your details will be added to the fleet roster. ;)

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