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Giving an Alt money
is there any command to "tip" my alt some of my money


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or a guild bank

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not at this time... trade via a friend you trust is the only option

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Originally Posted by scottd90 (Post 1777160)
is there any command to "tip" my alt some of my money


No, and there really needs to be a way to directly and conveniently transfer money to alts. I can't get a dev to comment on this issue, but the general consensus is that Cryptic doesn't allow mailing of money in order to make it harder on gold farmers.

If that's the reason, I don't understand why they can't allow mailing of money solely between characters on the same account, or maybe an account-wide bank to which all characters on an account have access and into which money can be placed for alts. Either of these solutions would be helpful to those of us who like to play alts, and neither solution would assist gold farmers in any way.

For now, there are only a few ways to transfer money to alts:

(1) Find a third party who you trust and who is online at the same time as you and in the same place as you. Give money to that third party, log out, log into alt, and have the third party give the money to your alt.

(2) Form a private fleet made up of only your characters. That gives you access to a fleet bank, which allows transfer of money between members of the same fleet. Creating the private fleet will require cooperation of four other players all online at the same time. I have been told (but cannot personally confirm) that the four other players can leave the fleet once it's created and the fleet will still remain.

(3) Have your alt post an item in the AH for an unreasonably high sum of money, and then have your main buy it. This works in Champions Online, but may not work in STO, as I have seen a post from one player stating that his main was unable to see his alt's post. I haven't tested this myself.

(4) Have your main buy an item from a vendor, mail it to your alt, and then have your alt sell it. This works in CO because vendors sell items (at least some items . . . not sure if all items) at the same price for which they buy them. This may result in large losses in STO, however, because I'm not sure vendors buy items for the same price they sell them . . . may be only 50% or less in STO . . . I haven't checked yet.

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