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scrag0416 11-04-2013 10:39 AM

Question about Characteristics
My son and I were discussing the characteristics of our toons and he was pretty emphatic that using anything beside a Romulan or Reman Department head adversely affected cloak. To restate this if you use a species that does not share in the common characteristics of Romulan/Reman that you may not enjoy the benefits of better cloak. I am not certain that is accurate or not and wanted some advice on it....Jolan Tru

dahminus 11-04-2013 10:48 AM

Department heads have no impact on gameplay. Bridge officers slotted to bridge officer stations on your ship most assuredly do

stonewbie 11-04-2013 04:12 PM

@ OP,

If you have a romulan character check some of their romulan bridge officers. Hit U, at the top click on Traits and on the left click on their names. Look for space traits named "superior romulan operative" or "romulan operative" and "subterfuge". Tovan Khev will definately have Romulan Operative, but if you are lucky you may have recieved other BOFFs as rewards and they have Superior Romulan Operative.

You can also check your candidates, the BOFFs who have not yet joined your crew. Hit U, at the top click on Stations. On the right side you will see Bridge Officer Candidates. If you mouseover these you will see their information. At the top of this info popup you will see their rank, race and sex, boff type and then Space Abilities. Under the space abilities is where you will see space traits for these candidates. And obviously it will have their boff abilities listed as well such as tactical team, emergency power to shields and so on.

So thats pretty much where you look for that info. I just started getting Superior Romulan Operatives (SRO) on my boff stations. But the way it works is you can have multiple boffs with the SRO trait because it stacks (they bonuses add up). I dont know what the limit is, but so far i've seen ships with 3 boffs in the stations with all of them having the SRO trait. Subterfuge is another one to have but the bonuses are pretty minor and you can only have one Subterfuge (since multiple Subterfuge does not stack).

Here are the numbers for the traits, and keep in mind they only work in space:

Superior Romulan Operative = 2% crit, 5% crit severity, 15% power recharge speed for recloaking

Subterfuge = +150 starship stealth, +2.5% defense, +20% damage when decloaking

scrag0416 11-06-2013 10:15 AM

Still learning all the ins and outs - appreciate the tip

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