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Archived Post 01-30-2010 12:29 PM

Headstart = Slowstart
Wow, this headstart will really give me a huge headstart over those geting the game the 2nd. :rolleyes:

This is getting silly. So far my headstart has been more like a slowstart. In two days i have managed to get to Lt 3, barely.

Day 1. Steam ****s up my STO install, so what little gaming time i had was wasted downloading the game.
Day 2. Planed to play some before i had to go for work, but servers were down. Okay, so i had to wait until i got home. Finally home, i spent an hour geting stuck at loading screens or character loading screen at login. And now the servers are down for an unknown amount of time. Soon have to quit for today, so i have to hope it will be better tomorow.

So in total, half of the headstart have passed for me, and i have barely been able to play.

To Cryptic, please sort this out, or the headstart will be totally fubared for me. I love the game, but that makes this all the more painful.

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