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Archived Post 01-30-2010 12:47 PM

Seperated servers, +/- 12 hours parting
cryptic should reconsider its strategy towards maintanence times.

8 hours timezone difference is to much to find a time everyone will accept. i say accept because i wont buy or play a game further, if its offline when i have freetime.

please just do 2 server parts, that are shiftet 12 hours. some sort of "base servers" one could choose from, before the login. (compare to wow, where there european (even german , etc) servers and american. they are down @ different times, and if cryptic wants to compete with those games it MUST deliver the game (and gamingtime) equal to everyone paying.

eg: europeans choose the +6h server and americans choose the -6h servers. this shift allows 2 passable maintanance times for both "worlds"

cryptic WILL loose many customers, if the game will have maintanance during our playtime.

the second thing is, that the servers, with the current system, are OVERCROWDED approximately @ 11 am pst, cause many americans come from their beds to pc, and many europeans get home from work ...

this WONT work.

cryptic MUST have realised that servers are crashing this time, EVERY day.

i really like the game so far, but i wont pay 12.99 (in europe ^^) just for watching the servers being maintained. NOBODY in europe will do so.

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