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Archived Post 01-30-2010 12:48 PM

I really expected more.....
I hear a lot of people on these boards saying "there has been worse"..... really name it? First off steam and cryptic didn't talk and caused me to have to re download the game last night, but hey i can let that slide. Out of the 4 hours I've had a chance to play today I've maybe played 45 mins... between loading screens, frequent disconnects, and permanent server crashes.

My question is when is enough going to be enough? Sure many games when, mmo's were still in there infancy, had a lot of problems. But I'm sorry but by this time companies should have learned what it takes to release a mmo.... and at the very least what hardware it takes to have one running. Think.. this is mmo number 3 for them, they're not new to this by any means, why are we still getting new company jitters?

Finish your fracking game and get your servers working... nuf said........

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