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Archived Post 01-30-2010 02:16 PM

Starfleet Rangers
Starfleet Rangers

The RANGERS are a Worldwide organization of Federation members who want to help ....
1 - Defend our home from invaders, thieves, and threats (Domestic and Alien).
2 - Assist in the training and advancement of our members.
3 - Provide a Base of Resources, Contacts, Assets and Support.

The RANGERS will be availible to
... Run Missions / PvP Operations / Regular Training Ops

Timezones are mostly US, but include UK as well.

Membership will include Forums, Teamspeak, Website Helppages, and more.

Please contact Dylon Xavier (aka Dylon or Dx) ingame or send invite Request to Starfleet Rangers.
Or feel free to post up here with your questions, comments or request. I'll check this thread daily and contact you ingame.

And continue to check our website for Updates. The HELP PAGES are availible to Everyone.

Thank you for looking, and we'll see you ingame.

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