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Crimson Revenge - Mature/Adult Rp Friendly Gamers guild

Crimson Revenge, a gamers guild with over 7 years history together, is proud to announce the formation of our federation fleet.

We welcome mature gamers, ages 18+ only, please, to join our ranks.

We have active forums, 24/7 Vent, strong leadership without crazy policies. We plan on focusing on both End game PvP and PvE, and many of us are lifetime subscribers, so we aren't going anywhere for a while.

If you are interested in learning more, please check out our forums

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A more official post. :)


Crimson Revenge, a mature gamers guild with members ages 18+ is currently seeking
new members to join our ranks.

Some notes of interest about our guild-family.

- Over 7 years together in various games. We have accomplished much together but mostly we focus on fun and friendship!

- Strong leadership. Our guild leaders are the guild founders. Our Senior officer corps have been with us for a long time!

- Focus on our guild members. We provide full time active forums, a guild website, 24/7 Ventrilo and Xfire Support too!

- Members before Politics. With real time events like our annual get-together, CrimsonFest, we recognize that there is a person behind the monitor
and that people have real life obligations, Family, work, etc. We don't require any of our members to meet any type of play time quota.

- Were not just about MMO's! - We have yearly fantasy football, and support and enjoy other games too, PS3/Xbox connections, etc.

Our guild structure allows for promotion to various officer ranks and intra-guild responsibilities. Recruitment, Vault manangement, etc are just a few duties available to officers once promoted.

If you would like more information, please visit:

Our guild website

Direct link to our application forum. (You must register first)

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Active recruitment still in progress.

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Active recruitment still in progress.

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