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Archived Post 01-30-2010 01:43 PM

Make use of server downtime :)
Hey Guys..

Im not here to moan , its what..
One thing i will just slip in is that I have decided not to opt for lifetime sub as i would feel I've paid in full and left without a choice when things gets rough on the tech/server side. My choice i know and i may loose out in the long run.. oh well. But what i thought of was maybe we come up with some idea's that could be eventually encorporated in STO or stuff we feel is kinda missing, Here's a few things i think could be handy

1. Filter at all Vendors .eg Filter out Engineers staff from list when purchasiing officers.
2. Right click teammates portraits and Plot route for joining them in battle (Instance change done manually).
3. Orbit Target Skill or button in space for ships that don't need to be on the front line.
4. Tooltips over skills and traits to explain for example what benefit (Warp core training) does actually effect.
5. One button for Ground combat (All attack my target).
6. Galaxy map flashes a outline of sector primary mission is in.
7. Disable Weapons on view in Spacedock (optional)

Please feel free guys to come up with some of your own idea's and add em :)

Eli. BTW want to find a nice friendly UK based fleet

Danzo Science Captain of the U.S.S Hawkin :D

Archived Post 01-30-2010 02:09 PM

Some of this may be in game and I just haven't found it, but I am just throwing out some thought since I can't log in.

I want to be able to double-click or select a planet in sector space to activate auto-pilot, rather than having to pull it up on the system list.

I would like a search window to find location info for planets not in my sector.

I don't want autofire for ground combat, but I want to assign a hotkey for the basic attack, and the rifle butt to the face attack.

In beta I am pretty sure that if I targeted a friendly to repair shields, I would loose my hostile target. I want to be able to target a hostile and a friendly at the same time.

I want tab target to work a little better, not sure how, but it always seems to pick a ship that is 20km away or directly behind me rather the one I am lining up in my sights.

There are bigger "wants" but I am just focusing on the simple things

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