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Role Play Fleet, Mature....please....
I have been playing MMO's for a long time now... Yes I'm a Geek/Nerd, and I love to Role play and develop my character. I am looking for like minded individuals who not only want to enjoy the game but to make a character and meet friends to work and play with. If there is a Mature Role play fleet out there send me a shout, or if a group would like to form up let get things started.:D

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:( Guess I'm alone in this universe.....:(

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Originally Posted by Duhkrok (Post 1788330)
:( Guess I'm alone in this universe.....:(

Depends on your definition of what a mature roleplayer is. If you mean acting like an adult you won't find it on these forums.

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Hi Duhkrok,

I lead 1st Fist of Light, a 9 year old RP guild. We'll be 10 in February. We're a dedicated group of RP'ers, that do PvE, Crafting, PvP, you name it. We're not RP Nazi's, but we have a really good time with everything. Here is a thread I made on the forums that will tell you a bit more. We are mature and we're very big on respect as well.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Thank you I'll keep an Eye out, do you all meet someplace like DS-9 or someplace else?:o

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Usually we fly around doing missions and what not. But we've been known to hang out on the bridges of each others ships from time to time. Although if you look in THIS thread...

We also have a collection of RP'ers hanging out too.

We've been talking, not as us the guild, but as RP'ers, meeting in Quark's Bar in Deep Space 9.

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I'll keep an Eye out for your group.....:)

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I too am an avid RPer. I am an author IRL and write supernatural/adventure fiction and comedy. I tend to RP in every game I'm in. Sometimes I use RP as a means for character development. I try to write characters that are lifelike, imaginable, and believable. RPing helps me in this process.

As for STO, I haven't quite pinned down what type of RP I'll be getting in to. I am a freeform RPer, meaning that I don't script. I assume a role, and interact with others. This lets me RP with non RP and RP players alike. Albeit it is much more fun with other RPers.

I fathom that it'll probably take me a few days to get a sense of what I want to do in the RP sense. In most games I do tend to start rather large RP guilds, so look for that in the coming days as a few of my old crew comes over to assist!

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I've always found that characters often take a bit of time to figure out what exactly you want to do as is. Usually they just start out with an idea, and evolve from there as you play them out. It's like driving a new car for the first time and getting used to how it handles.

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Hello and welcome! You will find me talkin to most everything and picnicing on exploration missions :) There are quite a number of RPers here, I believe.

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