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The good the BAd and the Ugly
First the Good. Overall so far I think this is and will be a great game that I will play for some time(hopefully)
I like a lot of the concepts such as the ground and space combat. The graphics are nice and the gameplay has been fairly smooth.

I have some suggestions on some aspects that could be improved.

1. Camera view options - the options are too limited. I like my camera too stay behind my ship in combat but it swivels so slow and tends to want to follow targets instead of my ship. An option with a tighter follow option would be great

2. Auto fire for ships and ground - I see auto fire options but so far they seem to do nothing. After a few hours of gameplay my digits where down right tired from spamming 1234 over and over again.

I would prefer tiring my digits on my flight controls and shield maintenance than having to tell a highly advanced computer that it needs to keep shooting at the target that im obviously trying to blow up. All phasers fire at will so too speak

3. More control and customization of bridge crew on away missions, like perhaps being able to just drag and select any number of your team and just right clicking to set a way point or engage a target instead of all or 1 selection also please consider some more customizable behavior option. Call them stances or something, ranged and close combat stance with the options to be aggressive neutral or defensive perhaps

4. Multiple is possible for starships to target more than one ship at a time is it not

It would be nice to be able to keep tabs on a couple targets at once.....even if only attacking one at a time

5 Fleet would be nice..(.I havent noticed this yet ) to have some easy fleet buttons to be able to call targets and make formation fleet operations go far it seems like a free for all with no one understanding where or what others are going for next due to lack of this sort of fleet communication dynamic.

That enough for now. Great Game Keep up the good work! OH yah and one more thing....SO far the visit the bridge option is absolutely pointless and boring and I was expecting alot talking to crew members , storing items , accesing a holodeck or other cool stuff but the bridge was so baren and boring......Im sure it is only temporary

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And I cant even sit in my own captains seat

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Originally Posted by Orion8 (Post 1788070)
And I cant even sit in my own captains seat

You actually can. Go to your bridge, and stand on the chair. Then go into the chat and select the " sit_captain's chair" emote. Make sure you're facing the correct direction, and there ya go. :P

Archived Post 01-30-2010 02:07 PM

oh well thats good at least you can do it although Id prefer a right click on chair sort of option

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