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Archived Post 01-30-2010 03:04 PM

The Fleet of Calamitous Intent
Fleet Name:GCI
Fleet URL:
Affiliation: We play to have fun, so we will really accept all, Fed and Klingon

We are just a bunch of laid back guys, so far there are two of us who are in the beta, the rest of the guild may be coming along soon. There are 4 of us in all. If you want a guild that is structured, we are not for you. We typically just do whatever everyone feels like doing when we have a group on. WE pvp, and in STO I think that we will be pveing some as well (so far the pve has been relatively fun over here in STO). We split our time, we are varied players who do varied things. Please visit the website to get a feel for us, and if you like what you see then send a message under the transmit message option on our website.


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