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Out of boredom, I introduce myself
So hello! My name is Jack and I'm a 43 year old married man who lives and works in Hollywood. Big F*n deal. Anyway, since the server isn't online at the moment, I thought I post some thoughts about the game, life and maybe how to make good cannabutter.

So, I've been playing a few weeks - closed beta for a bit, then open beta - It was fun. At first I was concerned about all the corpses that we're piling up around my feet. That didn't feel too Star Trek to me. It took some time,but I realized that if the game was really go out and seek and explore with few actual physical battles, not many people would play it. At least, not the audience they need to keep the game alive.

I'm 43 - that's old in human terms. But, my wife and I don't have children by choice. We have a wonderful life - we get to go to cool places with no planning, she lets me play GAMES for gods sake with no hassle - man she's awesome - we go to Disneyland, 30 minutes from our house every couple weeks - so, while we may be "old" we play hard and enjoy our lives and friends a great deal.

But I've begun to notice that "new stuff" isn't geared towards guys my age. It's all about WoW and shooting and crafting and whatever - mostly stuff I'm not interested in.

If I designed the game, you would be able to fully walk your ship. It would be completely interactive - your guild would live there, or you could have an NPC crew - whatever you like, and from there, seek out and explore and see what happens.

I don't think anyone would like that game. The last great Trek game for me was Elite Force, and the thing I liked best about it was I could walk around the ship and do whatever I liked. To me that was fun enough.

Take the new Trek movie - I'm an old school TOS trek fan. My take is, it was a GREAT film, but not a great Star Trek film. But you can't make a 60's Trek film - you have to make a film that guys are gonna grab their gals or friends and go see a few times - and they did!

So, it's the same with the game. It's not "TOS" which is my thing, but it is what Trek is now. I'm pleased to see it appeal to a mass audience and I'm glad I've got the original show to watch to remind me of the simpler days of MY childhood.

I guess I say all this to simply say, I got a lifetime subscription to this game. There's enough Trek in it to make me happy and over the coming years I'll enjoy watching it evolve and hope, just hope, a few more things that I would have done will creep into the game.

I really need to walk my ships interior - I'm just dying to be there :)

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Hello elderly American. I'm a 24 year old living in the South East of England. :p

Ofc, you have guessed by now my name is Carl.

I think this game has proven itself to be quite awesome, but it's a shame the server is run from the US, as it means maintenence will happen during my daytime :<

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Carltronus well I"m sorry for your lost. As for me I live in the zone where the server is. So that means for me when I get home from a day at work. I can play with our the SM

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Steven Hawking is cooking something up for me.

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That was disturbingly funny

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Thank you. I do try.

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