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Archived Post 01-30-2010 04:24 PM

Fighting certain enemies (or certain skills) cause FPS drop
My group and I noticed last night that while we were fighting some Talon? Battleships, they were using some skill that displayed an effect. While we were in the area with those ships our FPS were dropped to 15fps, each of us. Normally I have 70-90fps with full settings.

The moment we killed the last of these ships, our framerates immediately jumped back to normal. This occurred even if there was only 1 enemy, so it was not too much activity on the screen. Heck, the FPS were low even when we turned our cameras and looked into empty space. The FPS drop seemed to be tied to the enemy or the skills it was using.

Something similar also occurs in SB24. When we engage the enemy groups our FPS drop to 30 or 20, then shoot back up after the group is destroyed. It also does not seem to be normal fps drop due to lots going on. We were in some other fleet actions that were much more hectic and the fps for all of us were steady in the 50-70s.

Please look into this, the fps drops seem to be tied with specific effects, skills, or certain enemy ships. And one again this is not normal fps drops. My rig can more than handle the game at max settings, yet when just 1 of these ships is engaged my fps goes from 80 to 15... something is amiss.

ATI 5850 Updated driver
2.8ghz QC
Win 7 Updated.

Archived Post 01-31-2010 01:18 AM

similar thing
I have notice a similar drop for some fleets in SB24 as well. No graphic settings have been changed since the start of open beta and the drivers are the same. It has became more noticeable since the start of head start.

Windows 7
AMD 64X2 Kuma
Ati HD4670

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