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Archived Post 01-30-2010 03:55 PM

And now for something completely different ::A ballanced outlook::
There is a lot of complaining going on right now and frankly, while it's not completely unjustified, there are some words that could be applied to all this negativity: disorganised, redundant and premature.

I'll say up front that I'm not some Cryptic Fanboy. There are some points to be made for and against Cryptic in this situation but I'm gonna start off with an optimistic one - heres hoping that when the server(s) come back up they will not only stay up and be more stable but maybe, just maybe, the reason it's taking a while to get them back up is cause their tech guys are adding a SIGNIFICANT amount of server capacity to what they are already running.

I'll say that, and while it is indeed true that very few MMO's have a smooth launch, there are things that Cryptic could have done to help guage the potential server load. They could have, perhaps I'm being nieve here, simply had the retailers send back sales figures for the pre-orders and taken those numbers into account as how many would be logging on. Granted this would help alleviate the situation for the headstart but they'd have to think of something else for the Feb 2nd official launch.

As for the people that say that the headstart is not PAID play time. I'm sorry but that simply isn't the case. If so much as one person pre-ordered the game on the grounds that the headstart was one of the features they wanted from the purchase then it has to be considered as a paid for service. Cryptic aren't new to the MMO arena so they should have been more prepared than this however, having said that, we do not know the contraints that Atari placed on Crypic to get the product out the door so placing the blame on them alone may be too harsh.

All in all I'm prepared to wait as I've enjoyed what time I've been able to play STO so far. I can certainly understand the frustration of those that a) haven't been able to get on at all or b) have been able to play significantly less time than the advertised headstard suggested they would. Perhaps something along the lines of (as has been mentioned elsewhere) double XP or another in-game reward/compensation would be in order Cryptic?

Looking forward to getting back into the game. It's far from flawless but it is enjoyable so for that Cryptic, thank you.

Don't want to start a flame war with this and btw...for anyone reading this and feeling PO'd that they can't play....check the server status page :D

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