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Archived Post 01-30-2010 04:16 PM

Neutral Zone And Idiots And Yes I Said It
For all of you who have tried to argue the Neutral Zone is a moot point. Also the idiots who have said we are at war so no Neutral Zone.
Quest Title
Neutral Zone Diplomacy
The Klingon Empire has been making aggressive moves in and around the Neutral Zone.Commander Wildman is spearheading Starfleets effort to contain the situation.

It also states

Report to Commander Wildman at the Deep Space K7 Space Station. A Federation outpost on the EDGE OF THE NEUTRAL ZONE.

VICTORY IS MINE NOW ALL OF YOU WHO SAID IT WAS MOOT or not relevant because we are at WAR. I think you need to own up and realize you are WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

With all that said I further reinforce and state we need NPC's and Computer update made to go along with the story. NPC's stating "Captain that will take us directly into the neutral zone or along the border.

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