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Archived Post 01-30-2010 05:11 PM

Typing while flying = clumsy
When in space groups I generally direct my group on our tactics... when I hit enter to send message to team... it seems to then take on a mind of its own... sometimes it just starts typing messages like this "1212123123" because I am then hitting those numbers to fire weapons.... dont know if the chat has a bug, space chat, or key mapping.. also, too many one key window pop ups located on keyboard in areas where The ENTER key or SPACE BAR are located. Pop ups should be able to ESC out of those quickly... instead they stay up and menu options pop up. What I have found to be helpful for twitch games such as this is a ESCAPE key eliminating all windows before it pulls up menu options.... then one more escape key tap to get back to default screen where keyboard is then mapped to your abilities and such. I am not a gaming keyboard engineer, so I dont know any other term for it then clumsy and archaic.

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