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Archived Post 01-30-2010 05:13 PM

WOOT Just Saved $240!!!!
I just canceled my Lifetime Sub!
If Star Trek Online follows the footstep of CRYPTIC's another gem aka Champions Online then I can do what my friends did and purchase LIfetime Subs on Ebay for $80! :)

Initially I got the Lifetime sub since I have one for CO. I had high hopes that this game will be better (Lessons learned from CO) but so far it's going worse then CO.

I wish them the best of luck since I like the theme, but I guess I can place the $240 towards a new LCD.
Meanwhile I can play for 30 days...wait and see and if the game really takes off then I can decide.

Anyhow, Nice Disaster Early Release! :)

It's still better then **** but by not much.

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