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Team and Loot Settings
I generally keep my settings the default unless I want to tackle a mission solo. Random teaming is fun because the difficulty of the ships is bumped up a couple notches. However, I cannot seem to figure out if you can tell what the loot settings are if you are added into a team.

On the screen where we can set what we want, there is also a frame that says current team settings. I am not sure if this is what YOUR current settings are, or the team you are currently in. I thought it was the team I was in, but now I wonder. I was in a team with only 2 other players, and after 5-6 loot drops on supposedly "round robin" setting, they were all white for me. Strange, I thought.

I just want to understand the system. Anybody else notice this? If the current settings aren't really the current settings, does anybody know where you can find them?

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Quick bump to stay ahead of the damn srver down bich-threads

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Originally Posted by Elwood011 (Post 1800169)
Quick bump to stay ahead of the damn srver down bich-threads

Current team settings are set by the team leader I believe and can only be as a "read only" version unless you are the team leader (So by joining a team it uses what that person's Default team settings are for everyone in the team). Default Team settings is where you specify the settings you want when you create a team.

If you want a specific threshold such as lets say Free For All on all common items then set the loot threshold to Uncommon then items that are green and above will be looted according to who's turn it is to loot and common items will just be whoever can run up and grab the item first.

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