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Archived Post 01-30-2010 05:22 PM

Dear Cryptic
Please stop screwing around with the Live servers. I saw the version change after the "unexpected downtime" earlier - wasn't too happy with the 'new improvements'.
It's understandable to an extent. It's Star Trek. Lots of people are going to be hoarding this game ASAP, and it'll most likely double or more on the release date.
But during Beta and even now, during Head Start, I'm still getting Server Connection errors in the middle of a mission, causing me to restart the whole thing. If I've counted correctly, I played for 14 hours straight, right after Head Start launched. I lost connection about every 2 or less hours. I thought it was me, and it still could, but I see that report all over the place.
This whole ordeal about the servers going down, staying up, and logging in are what really bite me, personally. I don't mind restarting the missions at all, or anything in-game. At least I know I can deal with them in some form or shape. But its hard for me - or anyone, for that matter - to actually play a game that constantly losses connection to servers that can't stay up.
What ever happened to that Rush Ordered purchase? I never saw any official report about if it was installed or not.
Love the game and all, but the whole thing about the servers is really beginning to honestly agitate me. It's going to be far worse after February Second.
PS: Not a Hate Thread; just feedback

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