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Archived Post 01-30-2010 06:48 PM

Extra Shuttlecraft
[[Starfleet Communication]]
Starfleet Requisition Oversight

Attn: All Commanding Officers,
Regarding Sol Station fleet construction during the current conflict, Star Fleet Supply Services has discovered a requisitions error that has caused major oversights. Among these is the launch of several vessels without the proper equipment, namely the Type-8 Auxiliary Space Vessel, or Personal Shuttlecraft.

While the Type-9, or Class-2, Personal Shuttlecraft will soon be made available, it is a requirement of Starfleet General Orders, pursuant to General Order 579 subsection 18: "All vessels assigned to service during war efforts are required to be issued no less than one (1) standard auxiliary space vessel to be utilized for short term missions and field operations." Therefore, until the Class 2s are made readily available, Commanding Officers are required to ensure that they are not in delinquency of this general order, and must possess at least one (1) Type-8 Personal Shuttlecraft.

In light of this, the Quartermaster of Fleet Operations for Section 4 currently has one (1) extra Type-8 Personal Shuttlecraft which he will issue before this evening (stardate 86690.3). Please submit your application to him before that time. Do remember that the Quartermaster will be limited so he may need a convincing reason why you require it before your fellow Commanding Officers. Also, vessels currently out of range of standard issuing bodies will be considered primary concern.

For system specifications and schematics please refer to documentation, accessible through standard Library Computer Access/Retrieval System database:
Type-8 Auxiliary Space Vessel
Maximum Crew: 6
Minimum Crew: 2
Length: 6 meters
Height: 2.7 meters
Beam 4.4 meters
Weight: 3.38 metric tons
Standard Warp: 1.2 for 48 hours (2 sustainable for 36 hours)
Armaments: Type IV Shuttle Phaser Emitters
Defenses: Type II Shuttle Deflector Shields

Vice Admiral John Hayken, Fleet Operations, Sol Sector, Starfleet.
[[Starfleet Out]]

Note: OOC responses will not be considered. Any others who want to offer extra shuttlecraft may feel free to post here too and give away to whatever response you like.

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ill take it if this is a post to give it away

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Originally Posted by Deoin
Note: OOC responses will not be considered. Any others who want to offer extra shuttlecraft may feel free to post here too and give away to whatever response you like.

Sort of looking for RP responses here (it is an MMORP after all).

Archived Post 01-30-2010 11:22 PM

[[Internal Starfleet Communication]]
re: Starfleet Requisition Oversight

Attn:Vice Admiral John Hayken, Fleet Operations, Sol Sector, Starfleet.
in response to general communication at 0148 today. the USS Normandy (NCC 93765) requires aType-8 Auxiliary Space Vessel as per General Order 579 subsection 18. During the battle for Vega colony, the Normandy suffered significant damage to the deck 4 launch bay that contained her type-8 shuttlecraft. this has left the Normandy unable to complete small scale reconnaissance missions and other missions as directed by Starfleet command. The Normandy is currently 3.4 light years from Sol sector and is able to take delivery of the shuttle at a moments notice.thank you for your time and attention.

Archived Post 01-31-2010 08:14 AM

Congratulations Asmodai117
[[Starfleet Communication]]
[color="Blue"]re: Starfleet Requisition Oversight[/COLOR

Attn: USS Normandy
Captain Asmodai, the Quartermaster's office received your general communication at 0807 this morning. As no other applications for delivery have been submitted in the last 12 hours we must assume that you are the only vessel that left spacedock at Sol Sector that was unequipped.
We are currently delivering one (1) Type-8 Personal Shuttlecraft to you via auto-navigation transwarp conduit. You should receive it with the next few days.
Have a good day, and "clear horizons."

Fleet Captain Mathew Baker
Quartermaster, Fleet Operations, Section 4, Starfleet
[[Starfleet Out]]

Congratulations to the only player who figured out what was going on, and RPed in an MMORPG.
Check your PM inbox.
Enjoy your Shuttlecraft

Archived Post 02-05-2010 05:08 PM

[[Internal Starfleet Communication]]
re: Starfleet Requisition Oversight
Attn:Esteemed Vice Admiral John Hayken, Fleet Operations, Sol Sector, Starfleet.

My apologies, we have just recieved this message today due to deep space operations against the borg, we are currently shorthanded and underequiped, we understand the current status is that the Normandy has recieved the only available shuttlecraft, but I am hoping that you could contact us in the evet that more equipment be made available. The USS Montserrat has just returned from said combat situations and is at spacedock in the Sol System undergoing repairs, as well as taking on new crew and officers. She is currently awaiting orders, and we are hoping that you will see fit to contact us upon the availability of said supplies.

Lt. 2 Karravven Veskirri, Niffrren Clan, acting Commandant and Captain
U.S.S. Montserrat NCC-93642
United Federation of Planets, Transfer Officer from Fierrin Collective Star Navy, Rraxian

Archived Post 02-05-2010 09:30 PM

[[Starship Communication]]
Starfleet Requisition Oversight

Attn: Vice Admiral John Hayken, Fleet Operations, Sol Sector, Starfleet

Regarding: Sol Station Star Fleet Supply Services requisitions error.

The USS Pon Far Bytes is compliance with General Order 579 subsection 18.

While there was not a Type 8 shuttle available when The newly commisioned USS Pon Far Bytes left Spacedock I requisitioned the Type 8 Shuttle from my last command the USS Vulcan's Wrath.

The USS Vulcan's Wrath had seen considerable action after the Borg invasion During which we lost our Captain, and suffered several serious damaging strikes from Phasers, disruptors and Photon torpedoes as well as the occaisional mine in one engagement after another.

After Action reports have been filed for all actions and all damage duly noted as well as shipboard repairs, both those using established Starfleet procedures and those repairs that utilized the ingenuity of various crew members to keep us spaceworthy and in the fight.

Admiral Quinn did authorize me to take whichever Officers I wished to my new ship the USS Pon Far Bytes from my old ship the USS Vulcan's Wrath, I did take all of my Bridge Officers.

Since Starfleet determined the USS Vulcan's Wrath needed a long refit and would be in Spacedock for some considerable time, I took the opportunity to requisition the Type 8 shuttle from the USS Vulcan's Wrath as well as a few other items I felt would be usefull to the USS Pon Far Bytes. Said "items" are listed as follows: 1 MK II Quantom Torpedo Launcher, 1 MK II Quantom Mne Launcher, 1 MK II Dual Disruptor Cannon, 3 consoles ( 1 Science, 1 Tactical, 1 Engineering detailed list with secifics for the console to follow in next report).

The Quantom Items were recovered after combat with Orion Neg'Vhar warships and the Disruptor was recovered after combat with a Klingon Bird of Prey. After Action reports were duly filed after each incident, please see all After Action reports filed for the USS Vulcan's Wrath while under my command.

The items would have been turned over to Starfleet but due to severe damage in said engagements my crew utilized said items to make nessecary and emergency repairs to the USS Vulcan's Wrath. All other receovered items have been turned over to Starfleet engineering as prescribed by Starfleet regulations.

Respectfully, Lt Cmdr L'ara Skye, Captain of the USS Pon Far Bytes
[[Starship USS Pon Far Bytes Out]]

Archived Post 02-05-2010 10:36 PM

Attn: Vice Admiral John Hayken, Fleet Operations, Sol Sector, Starfleet
Regarding: Starfleet Requisition Oversight

=Message starts=
When Starfleet asked me to conduct research for them I was overjoyed. The ship lives up to my expectations, the research equipment is acceptable. However I seem to suffer from the lack of any shuttlecrafts and previous requests for a shuttle have been denied.
So I have been forced to use escape pods to help conduct my research. However due to the small size there is hardly any room for all the equipment, and maneuverability is very limited. Infact we have been forced multible times to use tractorbeams to retrieve a pod before it would drift too far away.

Because of this research is going slow, and Starfleet have been pushing for some results soon. Dispite I keep reminding them they haven't given me the much needed equipment.

I therefor plea to you Vice Admiral. Spare any shuttlecraft to help progress scientifical studies for the Federation.

Doctor Talamana S. Arclight
Acting Captain of the U.S.S. Freyja, NX-91002-A

=Message ends=

((OOC: Hope its not to late. If so? then just consider this for the joy of RP. ))

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