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Archived Post 01-30-2010 08:45 PM

Keeps freezing up any helpful ideas
Greetings and Salutations everyone,

I have bumped into a little bit of an issue with the game that I am trying to work around. I am able to creat a character in the game. Play threw the groud episode withen the ships. Beam over to my own ship, save the people, shoot down the borg probes both times. All of this has loading screens in it going form area to area.

Yet when I try to load/beam down to the groud part of the episode on Vega colony I fully load the area but it wont bring it up and it freezes my computer for usually 30-45seconds then the program in the task manager says "Not Responding".

Has anyone else encountered these problems recently and found a way around them. I was just fine durring the open beta at the begining of the game yet I cant seem to get out of the starting area now. Any advice would be welcome. I have sent in a tech ticket and not heard back yet. The support form that I got from the bug report said it was "a brief period of server instability". I have a difficult time with that comment its been a "breif period of server instability" for the last 2 days.

Again any constructive ideas would be appreciated. Thank you all for your time.

Captain Luna

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