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Subspace Radio: Broadcasting Across Three Quadrants! The Voice of Star Trek Online!

The smell of cigar smoke and synth was heavy in a guarded and well hidden meeting room where executives gathered to take the final steps to approve and launch SUBSPACE RADIO.

An overlooked and now ancient radio relay system established during the first Romulan/Klingon wars was being reborn as many of the modern communication relays had been destroyed in the opening stages of this new Federation/Klingon war.

The goal was an old one. Without prejudice, to bring continual news and entertainment to a soon to be war-weary citizenry across many empires.

There was a moment of pause as the executives looked at one another. A word was given and a finger lightly touched down upon a console.
The network came to life.

Billions of beings throughout the four quadrants of the Milky Way galaxy sighed in relief...

...and once again tuned into radio.
December 12, 2009
Creators of EVE-RADIO
proudly presents:

S U B S P A C E - R A D I O
Gaming Radio for Star Trek Online.
Game News - Entertainment - Interviews - In-Character Content - Talk Radio -

Official Launch: Feb 2, 2010

Now recruiting: (See: DJ RECRUITMENT on the main page).
- DJ's (both Role Players & Non-Role Players)
- Potential Field Reporters
- Audio Content Creators/Musicians
- Fleet PR Contacts

- Internet Radio by the Star Trek Online community FOR The Star Trek Online community
- Star Trek Online Social Network
- Captains [b]Log
- IRC Chat channel neighbouring the official #STO channel on the Coldfront IRC Network
- Player Fleet and individual captain ship Listings
+ More to come in the following weeks

ADVERTISE on SUBSPACE RADIO! "Spread your message to the four quadrants! From a simple 'shout out' to a fully developed audio campaign. We have a solution." Contact:

FEEDBACK! We don't know what works and what doesn't until you to tell us! We'll be throwing all kinds of things at you during the shakedown phase, so let us know what you think so we can tailor it all better for the official launch day (Feb 2nd, 2010). (See: Community page, IRC CHAT or contact:

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