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Archived Post 01-30-2010 10:19 PM

Question about Head Start
When will this end? Because here is what my concern is. I won't be able to pick up my copy of STO until Tuesday around lunch time. Suppose I want to keep playing past midnight on monday night. Will I be able to continue playing even though I don't have my copy and it is actually Tuesday (release day)?

I would imagine that head start would go a day or so beyond the release date to alleviate those of us who are not able to purchase at midnight.

Thanks for your help.

Archived Post 01-30-2010 10:19 PM

You have a few days to enter your code. I believe it is three, but I'm not totally certain about that. If it is three, that gives you until Thursday night/Friday morning sometime.

Archived Post 01-30-2010 10:21 PM

Believe you have until the 6th of February before you're absolutely required to have your retail code entered.

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