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The [Q] Continuum
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The [Q] are multidimensional entities with unlimited power's. On the Richter scale of cultural development, they rank as the highest known level of evolutionary development. A [Q] can assume any shape, any phenomena and even manipulate the space/time continuum itself if so desired. The [Q] can harness immense amount's of energy and manipulate them through thought alone. The [Q] originally exist in an multidimensional universe, known as The [Q] Continuum, but can switch between dimension's at will. Though a [Q] can live for eternity, it can also choose to end its existence by changing into a mortal form and taking it's life. The [Q] are immortal.


The [Q] don't have any form of hierarchical government, but they do have a system that imposes order and discipline's troublesome member's by punishment. This is known as the Council of Elder's. Every [Q] is called just that, "[Q]". The [Q] don't intentionally inflict harm on other life, though they may interfere and become a major distraction. The [Q] have been around since before the beginning of time. Their eternal life spand is what instilled the [Q] with a quirky sense of humor and an unshakable sense of superiority.

The Clan

[Q] Was formed in 2000 while playing Star Trek Armada. When Star Trek Armada II was release we ventured into that domain as well. Since then most of our members have stayed together over all these many years. Some have left to do other things while others have joined while we have ventured out into many non Star Trek related games along the way. All in all we have remained a close nit family who desire to have fun gaming and build long lasting friendships. Many clans come and go. But we, as our namesake, are eternal.

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