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Archived Post 01-31-2010 12:19 AM

STO Released Too Early?
Since I can't get into the server right now I'd figure I'd post a question on the forums thats been bugging me since I started playing STO.

I'm really excited and glad to see STO come out, but it seems to me that there is much to the game that still needs improvement. Number one, where's the in depth exploration content that was discussed by the devs. So far all I have done in 2 weeks of playing is, fly here, kill this ship then scan some stuff and warp out ......rinse and repeat. This is surely going to get boring for alot of people if it hasn't already.

Also, the NPC interaction via text windows is a bit outdated. I don't mind reading a bit, but its getting just a little ridiculous. It would have been a little more interesting if I could have had NPC conmmunications on my ship bridge instead of a text window.

For example, instead of just a wall of text to read before beaming down to a planet or fighting some Klingon, why not create a situation where your summoned to the bridge where you walk over to your crew and listen to him talk to you about the situation. You know, like almost every game out today does already. Text based gaming is so yesterday if you ask me. I personally think they did this as a stop gap because they ran out of development time.

And lastly, there definitely seems like there is a vacuum of creative game content. So far, most of the game content I've encountered so far has been combat. Which is not too surprising I guess since that was what most of the game reviews were about when they talked about STO.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm happy STO is out and I'll continue to play as long as I don't get bored. But i'm afraid that at the moment there isn't enough to STO to keep me entertained long.

There has to be more to Star Trek than just blowing stuff up and scanning random crap. I hope this changes soon with more content in the future. We'll see.

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I'm bumping this since it went straight to the bottom of the forums within 2 secs flat.

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Probably because this isn't anything new.

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Atari Marketing: The hype from the movie Star Trek will last until feb 2nd, 2010. After that it will not significantly effect our sales. Can you develop it in time?

Cryptic: *ponders for a moment* Yes we can. We even have a mature game engine to build it from.

Atari: We'll give you a big bonus if you do.

Cryptic: Yay!

Cryptic, 18 monts later: Opps, this was bigger than we though. Well lets release it anyway and get our bonus.

Archived Post 01-31-2010 12:37 AM

I've been on board for launches that didn't even have a tie-in to an IP and they always seem to rush these things out early. Even some of the more polished launches I've done (Lord of the Rings was pretty good) It may be they are still trying to bank on the movie before it gets too far away or it may be some big wigs who can't wait for the money flow to start. This is my fifth launch and while not the worst (Vanguard has that one for me) it does some like some magical deadline was hit that wasn't really tied to the readiness of the game.

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this thread is fail...

everyone MUST

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Originally Posted by Must
this thread is fail...

everyone MUST

What exactly does that even mean? Are you trying to be funny?

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