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Archived Post 01-31-2010 01:29 AM

The official: Thanks for working hard and getting the servers back up Cryptic! Thread
With so many "I'M ANGRY WTF" posts... maybe after all a ya'll is done flapping yer gobs in anger. You could take a moment to say thanks... you know... We all *****ed and whined and ranted and raved and complained and asked where sulu was... and they STILL fixed it even though we were jerks. So the least we can do is say thanks Cryptic for putting up with ALL of us (the good AND the bad!)

Lurve (all over your leg),
Lexxi~~ <3

Archived Post 01-31-2010 01:41 AM

Indeed. Im sure that they understand that the intrawebs is full of angry, short tempered teenagers griefing cause they have little else to do.

Archived Post 01-31-2010 02:21 AM

see? If people put half as much time into being thankful for the hard work of the devs (I mean yes they can improve and we should tell them so but they should also be thanked!) as we put into being mad at them...
I dunno. I wouldn't want to be a dev that's for sure. Poor cryptic they're taking it from both ends. Atari and the consumer world. I wonder if any of them have had any time to sit and play the game as a game yet?

Archived Post 01-31-2010 06:13 PM

thanks for working so hard cryptic. *hug*

Archived Post 01-31-2010 06:16 PM

I can appreciate this. Good work!

Archived Post 01-31-2010 06:28 PM

Its too bad..... it would seem the number of griefer posts way outnumber post of this kind.
To be honest I fully expected a lot of this to happen, remember back in beta when they said that the response they had for open beta and preorders was much larger than expected to get and they were putting orders in for new server equipment, which would be installed when it arrived?? remember that? Its only been 2 weeks since that announcement.

Well, how would we know(let alone all the trollers) how long it takes to order and recieve high end server equipment?? let alone configure it for theyre specific setup???
It will get fixed, thats for sure, especially since they now have an accurate idea about numbers for this game. It just depresses me to think so many ST fans are like this. I thought we were better ppl than that :(

Archived Post 01-31-2010 06:32 PM

The game seems to be running much more smoothly (knock wood) since this last patch.

Thank you for fixing it and putting up with us.

Archived Post 01-31-2010 06:33 PM

Here, here... Nice job Cryptic. Please know that we DO appreciate all of your efforts in bringing us the game that we've always wanted! :cool:

Archived Post 01-31-2010 06:37 PM

I'd like to know where the 'unoffical' thread is, honestly these thread titles get more self important by the day.

I havn't seen a dev post in awhile, I think they're steering clear for awhile. Good plan imo.

Archived Post 01-31-2010 06:40 PM

I am really thankful for all the work the dev have to do and I feel it's a mark of pride for what you do with what you're given. Keep up the good work. WoW is great but it took them a year for a stable game...and when that happened, the game just got better from there.
Just hang in there please please please....I know this can be just a good as the bench mark WoW.

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