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Plasma or phaser or disruptor Beam ?
I am actually on cruiser T2 and wondering if i should stay on phaser beam or disruptor beam or on plasma beam ? (I will stay on beam, blastboat is my way) They seems to have all the same stat except for plasma having a dot effect in bonus.

Is that the only difference ?

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Originally Posted by Inuzuka.Kiba.
Is that the only difference ?

The proc is one difference. And then there's always the beam color :)

Another is that the Commander skills (phaser, disruptor) cost 300 per level, Captain is 400 per level, and Admiral is 500 per level (and thanks to a poorly thought out skill cap, you only 16 skill levels up there). And, obviously, the earlier tier you get it at, the sooner you benefit from it.

As a Fed, it is also easiest to get phasers, and Disruptor for a Klingon. When you get a new ship, makes it super easy to upgrade to the next Mk.

The downside, well, if you PvP, you can expect the opposite faction to be more inclined to build up resists against the most common damage type.

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